Things to Look Out for in Your Search for a Locksmith

Hiring a locksmith is very common nowadays and very important as well. No matter how much technology advancements progress, security can always be breached by the same technology. Safety is one of the core values we humans inhibit and take drastic measures for the same. So, hiring a Los Angeles or Columbus locksmith for your home, office or car should not be taken lightly.

Locksmiths are available everywhere, never in scarce. Some of them work independently while few work for a brand or agency. With the internet changing our lives, most of us search for everything or even anyone online. And so, locksmiths have to be adapted to the new trends and create their online identities so that their clientele grows and more people are aware of such a service. This is an easier way of searching for a locksmith and you can also check if the locksmith really exists by using the contact information given in their site. When a site offering such a service is present, there is a section of the website that is for the testimonials, reviews/ratings or comments from the customers. This way, you can get a first-hand information that will help you finalize your locksmith. There are other websites where reviews of many services can be posted. This way, you can browse through many services and compare them. There may be some reviews that make you skeptical, but in the end, one can get a clear idea.

Reputation is one of the major factors that matter when hiring a vendor with an important service. Since the service concerns security, a lot of background checks and research should be undertaken. Always remember, a reputed locksmith is also an experienced locksmith. The longer the industry experience he/she has, the better are your chances of security. With a lot of exposure to varied situations, working with different people, updating to the latest technology and possessing the required knowledge, the locksmith will be an efficient person who can safeguard just about anything.


One mistake a lot of people make is that they work with many locksmiths, the reason being that always need a backup if the first locksmith is unavailable. The better alternative to this issue is you only work with one locksmithing agency that provides a 24/7 availability of any kind of issue in your area. This way, your emergency situations can also be attended to. Yes, some people do get attached to a locksmith or two after a few services, but it’s always better to stick to one locksmith who delivers the whole package making you satisfied and assured for the future. Another thing to look out for in this regard, is the expansion of services; are only houses attended to or does the agency also aid in commercial and car/bike related emergencies? Do they duplicate keys or just unlock bolted doors? Are they able to work with door and window hardware? Do they provide suggestions and opinions? Are they able to answer all your questions and completes the task dutifully? Experienced and well-trained locksmiths will know how to work with locks and bolts of every kind, safes and vaults will not be a new concept for them and car/bike keys can be easily duplicated with the latest technology.

There are other qualifications like validation, credentials, certifications, kind of tools/equipment, that go into the entire deciding process. One thing is for sure, this decision is not to be made overnight, at the same time do not make the decision too late incase an emergency pops out of the blue and you get stuck. Nobody is perfect, so you will find yourself compromising on certain qualities to choose the ideal locksmith for you. Getting information from people who have used services from agencies is another helpful technique, this allows you to prioritize your needs in a locksmith.

Another factor to note is that a good locksmith will never overprice or undercharge you. Going for a very costly service may seem as a good option for certain situations, but maintenance and repair/replacements do have a margin when it comes to prices. These are the things to look out for in your search for a Locksmith.

Five Features to Consider Before Purchasing a Laptop Backpack

An ocean of laptop backpacks is available which can make the purchasing process long and indecisive. A laptop backpack is never to be bought in a hurry and must be bought as a one-time investment. There are many features to consider and consider, but let us look at the top five main features before you choose the best laptop backpacks for you.



Quality is never to be compromised on. Since this is going to be an item to last long and behave many uses, look for a backpack that is of a high standard material. Look for original make, zipper quality, straps for the shoulder and chest, flaps, inner lining and padding, and other attachments. Additional features like water-resistant, extra safety, wear or tear tolerance will be most beneficial for the user. Durability is crucial as it is mainly going to be used for carrying a laptop.

Size and Shape

It will be a good idea to carry your laptop to a store that you plan on buying the backpack from. This way you will know for sure that the main component fits inside the backpack and half of your purchasing process is complete. If you are looking at an online shopping store, type in the dimensions of your laptop and you will be able to filter the right options. Since you will be carrying the backpack to different places, it’s always safe to buy a bigger laptop to hold other essentials for emergencies or regular usage. This is where you look out for a backpack that not only has many compartments, but the size of each compartment will be adequate for other items. Extra storage space in a bag is very crucial as it is very helpful to serve the user in many easy and convenient ways. The shape of the bag too is determined individually as laptops are not all the same.


Before buying a laptop backpack, deciding on a budget is helpful as it narrows down your options and helps you buy the product just in time. A budget can only be planned effectively after the purpose for the backpack is defined. This will change for many users, so the budget should not be influenced by another person’s requirement, but only your own as you are the one who will be using the backpack.  A practical buy is possible even from a branded store as it serves a onetime investment buy and the durability and quality is not compromised.


Even if you work for a corporate firm or travel to a lot of meetings around the world, it would not hurt if you buy a backpack with a little bit of personality in it. Be it the pattern, color, style, design, shape or size, it can be soothing at times to carry an item to work that is not too formal and can cheer you up on blue days. A little bit of personal touch has never killed anyone.


This can be easy depending on the make of the laptop backpack ( Different makes are available like leather, cotton canvas, nylon, polyester, Cordura nylon, and others that are used for backpack construction; each contributing to the weight, look, finish and size of the bag. Always look at the tags to know how to take care of your bag. Most of them just need regular dusting or wiping from a clean, dry thin linen cloth, some can be cleaned using just water, or just water and soap, some can be used in the wash dryer as well. It is good to know before hand and thus the right backpack can be purchased.

With these five important features in mind, one can not only easily choose the backpack, but easily choose the right backpack.

Tips for Playing an Escape Room Game

An escape room is a locked room where a team of participants are inside and cannot unlock the door and come out unless they solve a few puzzles or riddles that helps them find a key which can unlock the door, all under sixty minutes or they become a new meal for the hungry zombie. However, there are a few helpful tips that one can keep in mind which will be useful and help them escape room in Dallas, Columbus, New York and other places on time.

tips-for-playing-an-escape-room-gameSo, here is the scenario, there is a group of people locked in a room with a zombie chained to a wall.  They cannot unlock the door unless they play the game which needs to be solved. With an hour on the clock, this bunch of people need to solve either some puzzles, riddles or even a mystery that leaves clues hidden in some parts of the room. So, the participants must ransack the room, making sure that they have thoroughly searched every nook and corner and collected all the clues. With all the clues in hand and sharing of information, they can open a box which is also kept inside the room. Once they find the correct way to open the fox, they have found the key to the unlocked room. Thus, they have found a way to escape from the dreaded zombie. But wait, there is a catch just like every game in the world, there is one thing to keep in mind, although the game lasts for a span of sixty minutes, for every five minutes after the commencement of the game, a buzzer goes off and at that very moment, the chain attached to the zombie’s limb becomes longer growing an extra foot. Which basically means, the desperate zombie gets closer to you attaining more chances to make someone his meal soon.

So here is a few tips and pointers that all the team members need to know and bear in mind to escape the room and ultimately, the zombie more importantly.

•  Comprehension- Make sure that you and everyone understand the puzzle or riddle, mystery or questions, whatever befalls you. Proper understanding helps you in finding the right clue faster.  If anyone does not understand the puzzle or the riddle, do not hesitate to ask a fellow teammate and get it explained.  This way, you know what you are searching for.

•  Communication- This is very crucial for a success of any team no matter what they are trying to achieve. If you are trying to explain the riddle, or share information or even if you get an idea, be loud and clear and make sure that the entire team has heard what you have said. Everyone’s ideas must be expressed as everybody will have different approaches. Make sure your voice is heard and keep an open ear to the voices around you.

•  Co-operation- There is no ‘I’ in team- this quote must be taken literally into consideration by every member of the group. Teamwork is important and all the team members must pitch in to solve the puzzle and search for clues. Move around and try to be an active participant, make sure to pitch in your thoughts and accept suggestions from others so that you can escape in time and not end up as zombie meal. Team spirit is your motto for the escape room game. No one must be left out or ignored. Full participation ensures timely escape for the team.

•  Caution/Carefulness- Mark these words in bold inside your head- ‘STAY AWAY FROM THE ZOMBIE’. You have an hour to escape from a locked room. The locked door can only be opened by a hidden key inside the box. To open the box, riddles must be solved and the clues lie hidden all over the room, the same room that has a zombie chained to a wall. But that’s not all, for every five minutes, a buzzer in hit, and the chain grows longer, increasing in length by exactly a foot at each interval, thus having more access to the players. Even if the zombie touches you, you will be made to sit by the side but can participate verbally. So, in the event of ransacking the room for important clues, do not go too close to the zombie, the zombie can target anyone or even more than one person.

These are just a few pointers to stay in the game and be focused on your surroundings. Make sure to follow the rules and keep track of the time. It is also important to take up charge and be a leader when it feels like no one is willing to step forward. These tips can help any player win the room escape game and have a memorable experience as well.

Luxury Boats and Yachts for Sale: Top Seven Factors to Consider

Private boats and yachts are one of those vanities that only a few abled ones can afford. While owning a boat or yacht is an incredible experience, buying one is equally laborious and tiresome. Given that it is a luxury, it is also certain that buying luxury boats for sale or even yachts is a onetime investment and involves a lot of money. The money involved in the transaction is huge, be it a new one or a used one. Other than the seller or manufacturer, there are a lot of third parties involved too, a few namely broker, insurance provider, financier, mechanic etc.

Thus, even if you are taking the help of a broker or agent to have a hassle free process, there are a lot of decisions that you have to make by yourself. This article discusses those considerations one should make while buying luxury boats and yachts for sale in brief. If you are considering buying a boat or a yacht in the near future, do remember to follow these steps before proceeding any further.

1. Purpose of Purchase

Though it is obvious that one buys a boat or yacht for pleasure, it is important to clearly define and categorize those pleasures. To state it more clearly, each boat/yacht is designed for a specific purpose like cruising, racing, fishing, island hoping, scuba diving etc. Thus, before you make your purchase, it is important that you know what activities you will be doing with your vessel.

2. New vs Used

The next big decision you have to make while you are at a luxury boat and yacht sale is do you want a new one or a used one. People normally buy used boats or yachts for projects they would want to work on in their free time or to save money. However, if you are solely buying a vessel for pleasure it is better that you buy a new one as it won’t have any performance issues and comes with a warranty you can claim anytime.

3. Power vs Sail

Generally there are two kinds of boats/yachts namely sail and powerboats. If you are willing to buy a vessel for sailing decide the hull type i.e. whether you want a monohull or a multihull. If you are willing to buy a powerboat for racing or cruising, decide on the type of propulsion you want i.e. outboard, inboard/pod, stern drive. It is very important to make this decision as it changes everything, from performance to style.

4. Gas vs Diesel

This is another choice you have to make before deciding things like manufacturer, model, make, color and other trivial things. Diesel engines are generally prone to repair and are costly to maintain once they are old. If you are not very concerned about the mileage factor and want you engine to work smoothly, gas engines are any day better than diesel engines.

5. Technicalities

It is difficult to know every technical aspect of a boat or a yacht if you have never owned before. However, there are a few technologies that you can’t afford to ignore such as hull length, water draft, air draft etc. that are crucial to decide whether your vessel is suited to certain waters or activities.

6. Manufacturer/Seller

While you are at a luxury boat and yacht sale, the next thing to consider is to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer of the vessel or the seller if you are buying a used one. Do a quick background research on the manufacturer, its market share, reputation in the market and the brand’s resale value. You would want to buy a boat or a yacht that is exceptional when it comes to build and quality and also has a high resale value.

luxury-boats-and-yachts-for-sale-top-seven-factors-to-consider7. Dealer/Agent

Lastly, you would certainly need a broker or a dealer who can get you through the laborious buying process at a luxury boat and yacht sale. From locating the perfect vessel for you to organizing sea trials to negotiating prices to preparing all the paperwork concerning ownership, taxation and insurance, the dealer will do all the work for you. All you have to do is choose a dealer who acts on your behalf and not persuade you to act on his/her whims.

Purchase Your Own Boat – Tips to Select the Right Broker

A boat broker or yacht broker is of great help while buying a vessel. Boats/yachts are a onetime investment and one cannot afford to make mistakes with the purchase. Below mentioned are a few advantages of hiring a broker instead of doing the buying yourself.

•Boat brokers are highly experienced when it comes to knowing the boats or dealing with sellers/manufacturers. You could use this experience for your advantage to strike the right deal.

•If you are buying a pre-owned boat/yacht having a broker by your side is much more important as you wouldn’t know how honest the seller is being and what problems pre-owned boats come with.

•Be it a new boat or a used one, it is important to know the real value of that vessel and only then proceed with the buying process. Who else than a boat broker to guide you the through the pricing structure that prevails in the market?

•Once you know the price of the boat/yacht you would also need to negotiate the prices to align with your budget. Brokers are excellent negotiators and will help you strike the right chords during the negotiating process.

•Boat brokers will also help with the financing and insurance procedures that need to be furnished for the buying to be complete.

•In order to validate your purchase and ownership, you would also need to complete a lot of paperwork with the buyer, bank, mechanic and others. Brokers will do these things for you and spare you the pain of finding time in your busy schedule.

purchase-your-own-boat-tips-to-select-the-right-brokerEight Things to Consider While Choosing a Boat/Yacht Broker

1. Reputation

A boat broker needs to be incredibly social and have contacts all over the buying/selling market to speed things up and keep the procedures as hassle free as possible. Exceptional brokers have a reputation of their own in the market and higher the reputation of the broker the better it is for you as a buyer. Be it negotiating the prices or completing the paperwork within a short period of time, a reputed broker will always have an edge over the rest.

2. Experience

Get to know the number of years the boat broker has been in this business and the number of deals he/she has successfully converted. It is always wise to hire experienced brokers since they are reliable and well versed with the buying procedure, thus letting you focus on your other affairs.

3. Specialties

There are many different models and types of boats/yachts in the market and mainly there are sail boats and power boats. Ensure that the boat broker you choose specializes in the type of boat you want to choose and knows the in and out of these machines.

4. Certifications

Each boat broker has to undergo a certified professional yacht broker (CPYB) exam to be a legit broker. Ask the broker you choose to show his/her certification before you make any business further. Certified brokers are the best since they are well aware of the boats/yachts and the paperwork and documentation involved with buying vessels.

5. Associations

There are many associations or organizations of boat brokers in America. Ensure that the broker you choose is a member of at least one of these organizations. The membership in these organizations establishes the fact that the brokers are qualified and permitted to the brokerage.

6. Paperwork

Choose a boat broker who just doesn’t complete all of the paperwork but a broker who involves you in the process, explains the terms and conditions of the purchase, your equities and your liabilities. It is not suited to trust a broker who is not open with you.

7. Payment

Also clarify the payment structure of the brokerage and how much commission the broker expects from this transaction. Generally brokers get paid by both sellers and buyers and charge 10% commission on each transaction. Choose a broker who is reasonable with commission percentage and does work before demanding money.

8. Personality

Lastly, choose a broker who has a good rapport with you, respects your choices, represents you rather than influencing you, will be always responsive and above all will be honest with you regarding the condition of the vessel, background of the seller, the boat’s price and its market value.

The Importance of Hiring a Good Locksmith

There is a big misconception that professional Locksmiths are used to provide one service which is unlocking doors. This idea is completely false as good locksmiths who are professionally trained, well equipped with tools and keys do a lot more than unlocking; they provide new keys with spares, install security systems, help people get out of a car lockout and rekey. Let’s look at the various locksmithing services they provide so as to understand the importance of hiring a good locksmith in Columbus, Los Angeles or anywhere in the US.


A good locksmith is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to attend all your security issues with a prompt reply when you call them. They are always on the move and can reach you in a matter of minutes despite what your emergency is. A good locksmith will always be well prepared for any situation and have a quick solution to the problem.

Cost Effectiveness and Time Saving

A good locksmith will always come up with a reasonable estimate after inspecting the problem as he can understand the concern of the customer. His knowledge will enable him to carefully observe the issue and see what exactly needs to be fixed or changed. Never hesitate to ask him/ her about the price before he renders the service.

A good locksmith never keeps a customer waiting. Not only arriving on time but also fixing the issue on time is another trait of a good locksmith. He/ she will be well prepared and not depend on any external factor for solving the problem.

Rekeying and Key Cutting

The use of new sets of keys working with old locks is called rekeying. This method is helpful if you move into a new home earlier owned by someone else. A good locksmith can rekey the locks as well for security from strangers. This way you can have separate key for every room of your home.

Key cutting as the name suggests is mainly done for duplicating existing keys or cutting keys to make new ones. A good locksmith will provide both the original and duplicate keys regardless of the lock.



An emergency can be a car lockout or someone trapped in, a house or office lockout or the vice versa, keys lost or keys broken, locks unresponsive, the security system is not working and many more. A good locksmith will be able to reach you in time, see the problem, fix it, provide you with new keys, install a new locking system and give a you a fair price all in minutes.

Experience and Expertise

The first and foremost thing which you must find out is whether they are qualified and certified for the job that you need. It is not required of locksmiths to hold a license; nevertheless, asking for it is very important to check their background. A good reputation is a good and important sign of a good locksmith so that you can hire them. Customer feedback and reviews are excellent ways to know the services of a locksmith. A good locksmith will provide a warranty for their services. Checking their credentials before availing their services is important to avoid the risk of your security.

Multitude of Services

A good locksmith not only knows how to unlock doors or fix keys but can provide services in automobile, commercial and emergency related situations. He will be well trained in handling such problems so that you will be able to carry on with your routine at the earliest. Contacting a locksmith is the first step. Installation, repairing and changing of security systems, wall safes and locks, fixing car, house and offices lockouts and lock- ins, rekeying and providing new keys and spare ones, repairing and installing new locks, etc.


This is a very important feature that all locksmiths should have. Never allow locksmiths to keep duplicates of your keys, or those who are not willing to explain about the ins and outs of a specialized lock; it’s best you pick someone else. Trustworthy locksmiths will tell you everything you need to know about how your locks work, and will hold no personal copy of any keys or codes for the sake of professionalism.

It is always safe to know a good locksmith that can help out in any emergency by providing security and safety.

Commercial Locksmith Service – Secure Your Business

Want to secure your business with commercial locksmith service? Choose the best commercial locksmith service provider and get highest quality security service for your business. Whether you are searching for lock change, repair, high security, master key solutions, door locks, iron gates, file cabinet and lever locks, commercial locksmith can provide you the right solution for all. Moreover, if you are looking for panic devices or push bar, access control systems, deadbolt, keyless entry locks and high security door locks, opting for commercial locksmith in Columbus, Los Angeles, Dallas or in your vicinity will be the best solution. So what are you waiting for? Hire a locksmith who is committed to offer quality security services for all types of businesses in your metro area. This will help you to protect your business in an effective way with a wide array of high security locks and other solutions befitting your need. However, before choosing a service provider, ensure the fact that the company has a reputation in respect of the quality of workmanship offered to customers. Furthermore, it is important for you to know how much the company will bring a sense of security pertaining to your business and employees.

Let’s check out some of the commercial locksmith services in this regard:


  • Panic Devices & Push Bars – You will find commercial locksmiths to offer panic devices and push bars required for many office buildings. These devices help to make office building safe and secure for the employees. As a result of which, it becomes easier for the employees to evacuate office buildings in an emergency. If your office building is equipped with alarm system, your employees will become alert during an emergency. So if you want to let your employees work in a safe environment, you can install the panic devices and push bars in your office that will alert 24-hour emergency services.
  • Master Key Solution– Master keys are significant commercial locksmith solutions that help you to get access to different offices in your office buildings at any time. You don’t have to wait for anybody to provide you the key for accessing offices. This solution allows you to get the access to your property with a single key involving the process of re-keying locks and creating new keys. The master key solution has two owners – the locksmith and you. So choose an expert locksmith who can perfectly understand the performance of commercial security for your office.
  • Access Control Systems– Getting an access control system for your office relieves you from the stress of worrying about somebody duplicating keys. Access control systems provide access only to an authorized person. Moreover, this helps you to monitor who is coming and going out of your office. You can get the access control systems installed on any entrance of your office and can get them programmed by a commercial locksmith service provider in your locality.
  • Re-Keying – Commercial locksmith also offers re-keying lock solution. This could be an ideal option for you if any of your former employees had the access to your office building. Besides, this works great if you forget where you have placed the key of your file cabinet. You only have to call the commercial locksmith to change the locks or re-key them. You can get as many copies as you need in order that you always get the access to important files at the right time.

Call a proficient locksmith who can resolve all your business security needs. In addition, choose the one who will be available 24/7 whenever you will be in need. Check if there is any identification for a renowned locksmith service provider. Always go for the one who makes the commitment of providing quality services and offers competitive prices in the town. Take time and make the right decision to rely on the locksmith who will provide you security for your business. You can also have a look at the different types of locks offered to clients by the locksmith ( An expert service provider can offer various locks such as deadbolts, combination, office, cabinet, sliding door and more. It will be wise to choose high security locks. Shop around for a trustworthy service at great price. Ask whether additional charge is involved. If you are calling a locksmith company who works around the clock, you must ask whether any extra charge is involved for out of regular business hours. Weigh up all the pros and cons and get a quality commercial locksmith service to secure business.

Why Escape Rooms Rock!

Escape rooms are the latest entertainment trend that is becoming hugely popular with the masses. For those who don’t know, the escape room concept involves being locked in a room with a group of people and challenged to break out using clues and solving puzzles to escape from a zombie.

The escape room experience involves puzzles, riddles, and team building. The escape room in Columbus are themed around horror and fantasy where participants are required to solve puzzles and overcome challenges thrown at them to win the game. Let’s see some of the reasons that make this new form of entertainment highly popular.

Solving Mysteries

We all are armchair detectives at heart. People love mysteries because curiosity is a common characteristic of human nature. Whether the game involves finding hidden treasures or finding the secret key, a mystery is to be solved. Solving mysteries is something that we all enjoy doing. The games in escape rooms require you to solve puzzles and find clues.

Real Entertainment

The immersive experience of a real game is something that cannot be compared with virtual games or even with virtual reality. In simple words, being a part of a horror movie is more thrilling than watching a horror movie in a theater. Escape rooms offer real entertainment and a good alternative for people who are tired of virtual games.

Adrenaline Rush

Getting yourself locked in a room with a zombie can be a scary experience. With an  added dreary music and spooky environment, it is bound to make the escape game more thrilling. Facing fears in a safe and controlled environment can provide you with a nice adrenaline rush and you experience same in escape rooms.



Room escape games are multiplayer games in which you participate with a group of people who can be your friends, family or colleagues. We all like playing with our friends and family, don’t we? Escape room provides you with a golden opportunity to play games with your loved ones.

Solving mysteries with your friends or colleagues is more exciting and fun. It not only reduces stress but also add more fun element. Unlike other games, the participants in the escape room games  are not opponents but a group of people having a common goal – solving puzzles and mysteries together to find their way out.

ETR games engage people in elaborate mystery rooms where players are challenged to solve mysteries and puzzles in 60 minutes to find their way out. The rule of the game is either you all win or you all fail. The Escape game is a group activity which makes it more enjoyable.

Race against time

Creating a sense of urgency in employees has become a necessity in the corporate world.  Without the sense of urgency, and goals and timelines, projects cannot stretch out. And as a result company loses its edge and it becomes more vulnerable to a competitor that is more organized and dynamic.

Thesegames create a sense of urgency in the participants as they have limited time to solve the mysteries, puzzles and escape the room. Such games put participants in an environment that coerces the brain to work faster. In a nutshell, employees start thinking faster and working faster to achieve their goals.

The sense of urgency even if it’s artificial helps employees see the big picture which includes a vision of the company, the challenges on the horizon including the competitors.  Employees participating in these games carry the skills learned in escape room games to their workplace, the result is businesses benefit from the optimum performance of the employees.

Team Building

The success of a project greatly relies on teamwork where each individual works to give his/her best performance while helping others achieve the same. The room escape games can help break communication barriers in teams and build a strong cooperative team that works as one to achieve targets.

Tips to Escape – A Beginners Guide to Escape Room Game

Escape room activites are fun, but don’t think it will be easy to win the game and escape the room.  The escape rate in these games is around 15-30%, while the harder escape room games have escape rate of  a single digit.

If you want to win the game, you need to have a strategy that will help you make the most of the available 60 minutes.  We are sharing you a few tips that will help you overcome different challenges in the game of escape room in Chicago, Boston, Columbus, New York, etc. and find your way out.

Choose Your Team Wisely

You will not enjoy the game if you are trapped in a room with people you don’t like.  It’s good to select people who know each other well.  Look at the versatile qualities of a person while selecting them as teammates. For example, who is crazy smart? Who is good at Math? Or who has good observation skills?

Besides knowing what your strength is, it is also necessary to know the strengths of the other members of the team.  You might be required to take their help if you are stuck on anything that you are not good at.

Observe Carefully

Good observation skills can pay rich dividends inescape rooms.  You need to start observing the moment the door of the room is closed. While observing things carefully, you should also question yourself? For example, is there any clue hidden in the lamp? Is that chair hiding something inside? Why the sign hung on the wall has a letter missing? Such observations will help you uncover lots of clues in a shorter period of time.

Chances are you will experience several misinterpretations. But don’t let these things stop from considering every possibility.  After some time, you will start understanding connections between things which will help you uncover hidden clues in the room.

Communication is the key to winning the room escape games. All the clues in the escape room are connected to each other. The clues are like missing puzzle pieces; until you arrange them in the right manner, you won’t be able to see the hidden picture or message.

Without effective and frequent communication, chances of failures are high. For example, consider the scenario where 10 members are working to find different clues hidden in the room. If you don’t talk to each other or convey what you have found, you won’t be able to put the pieces together to unravel the hidden information. Without effective communication, your quest will be a waste of effort.

Keep Track of Things

It is necessary you don’t waste time on repeating things or missing out important information that will take you close to the hidden clues. Make it a point to note down everything that you find during your quest. Remember, you will have to put all stuff and information together to find your way to escape the room.


You will have to put the clues together to solve puzzles, but you also have to remember the place from where you got the stuff.  It is sometimes difficult to recall when your mind is full of different thoughts. The safest thing to do is note down things.

Don’t Panic by Looking at the Clock

At Chicago, Escape room has a big clock on the wall that tells you about every second passed by. The clock is there to inform , but many participants’ panic when they look at the clock and the result is they miss clues and get stuck. The best way to handle such scenarios is staying calm and concentrating on finding clues and not watching the clock every now and then.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Help

Always remember you are locked with a group of people in the room who are working towards achieving the same goal. You cannot be good at everything and hence if you are stuck at something and cannot think more to find a solution. It’s better you seek help of a team member rather than wasting time. This way you can ensure there are no missing clues when you finally put stuff together to unravel the mystery.

How to Pick Team Building Activity – Learn How to Manage Your Team

Team building activities can be a hit or miss.  A carefully chosen team building activity will deliver desired benefits to individuals and organizations. Similarly, a poorly chosen team building activity could waste your time and might also have a negative effect on team members.  Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you pick right team building activity.

Define Your Objective

The most important rule to follow is you should define a clear objective for your team building activity.  To have a clear objective, you need to identify the issues that need to be addressed or improvements you seek in working of your team.

Simply said, the primary purpose of team building activity is to increase cooperation between individuals to help them work effectively towards common goal of the team. There are several escape games to choose from such as Save Yourself from Zombie, Treasure Hunt and many more.

While choosing any team building activity, the most effective game play can be “think out of the box” action games.   Such team building activities infuse greater sense of unity and empowerment in the team.

Managing Your Team Towards Success

Not all teams are successful in escaping the room within one hour.  Some team fail miserably while some succeed.  At the end of the escape room session, you will be able to analyze your decisions, moves, how you communicated and what things you could have done differently. You will also be able find reasons why you were not able to escape the room or why you escaped so quickly.  Here are few tips to manage your team in team building activity.

How to Pick Team Building Activity - Learn How to Manage Your Team

Communicate Well and More Often

The escape room game will have every member of your team working to find different clues.  You need to talk to each other and share what you have found with your team.  You need to also see and listen what others have found.

If you are facing problem with the clue, share your problem with others. Tell them what you think and listen what others have to say. It is necessary to communicate more and often to solve the quest.

Take Leadership but Avoid Big Personalities

A team without a leader is more likely to fail.  Some people are born leaders while some have large personalities   than others- they are outspoken, more direct and louder. A good leader will be in the forefront to solve the quest using his knowledge and experience. But at the same time he will be ears to what other team member have to say.  You never know whose genius will be a master stroke in solving the quest.

Avoid big personalities as it will work against team.  Escape rooms require team to work on multiple tasks and a good leader will keep track of things and put everything together to achieve success.

Admit Mistakes

To err is human.  Don’t forget that even smart people can make mistakes. The right thing to do is admit mistake and continue working on clues.

Work Together

Working together does not mean all members of the team focusing on one task. You need to break the team into smaller team of 1-2 to find out clues. The basic idea behind team building activity is working together even when apart.   It is necessary that every individual of the team works for self and success of all other members of the team.

Majority of the corporate’s set up a meeting to discuss and analyze the team building activity session.   A careful analysis will help you know the strengths and weakness of the team.  Team building activity is not a one-time effort; you will be required to plan several team building activities ( to build a strong team.