Choosing the Right Heating and Air Conditioning Company

It is unsafe to fix a water heater on your own unlike common household plumbing problems. It is dangerous to work with pressurized container in case you don’t have the right training and the expertise. If you are suspecting problem with your water heater and air-conditioner, the right option will be to get in touch with a professional service provider of heating and air conditioning in Raleigh for avoiding future problems and maintaining home in just the right way. Remember, that the best time for selecting an air conditioning repair in Raleigh, NC or a heating and air conditioning in Raleigh is before you have the need for an emergency repair. You must find out and choose an expert and reliable company for getting the right solution with your A/C unit and furnace. Take your time to get hold of the best company that will help you do the routine checkup and emergency repairs. Since, there are a number of companies; you have to choose the right one carefully. In order to help you in your search for finding out the top heating and air conditioning company, check out the following tips:

  • Communicate with your friends and neighbors– Always communicate with your friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Know from them the companies they have chosen and the kind of experiences they are having. If their experience is good, there is a chance that you could also have a good experience.
  • Go through online reviews– Never forget to go through online reviews. Sometimes, they are positive and sometimes they are negative. Check out yellow pages if required. Don’t just consider the number score of the ratings. Ensure that you read the review text and use better judgment. At times, you can get a lot of genuine information from the review while at some other time; you may come across a hostile or irrational review.
  • Visit company websites– You should visit company websites to check out significant information. Look into the fact whether they are informative or not? Weigh up the fact whether the website is helpful to a customer. You can know a lot of information about the company from the website. If available, watch the videos and read the blogs to know how the company is providing heating and air-conditioning repair in Raleigh.
  • Weigh up the price as well as the value– You may get tempted to select a heating and air conditioning company on the basis of the price. However, be careful of the lowest bidder.  While it comes to your HVAC need, remember that cheapest option may not always be the best one. HVAC systems are often very complicated and the reliability and the success of the systems depend to a great extent on the capability of the installer, compared to the specifications of the system’s factory. Heating and cooling experts possess the right skill with electrical, plumbing and refrigeration work. Always make sure of the fact that your HVAC contractor is proficient in his field. Furthermore, look into the fact whether the technicians are having the right certificates, training and are fully insured with the company.
  • Choose an established company – Try to get an established company. Never opt for a heating and air conditioning company that will install system and will not be around to serve you whenever required.
  • Learn about the system –Educate yourself about the system. It will be better, if you have a thorough knowledge about the system. Learn about the equipment you need, various heating and cooling options, individual performance of the component in your system and how frequently you need to maintain your system. If you already know the answers of these questions, you can make sure of the fact that you will get the best service from the heating and Air Conditioning Company.
  • Seek rebates– In order to save money on new equipment, find out whether the manufacturers are offering any rebates. Ask about special offers and rebates made by service, installer and manufacturer. This will help you to make considerable savings through combination of various offers.
  • Frame questions around long-term savings – It is true that a higher upfront cost with your HVAC system can lead to long-term savings, providing you more efficiency and advanced equipment. Hence, it will be wise to frame questions around long-term cost for saving money in the long run.
  • Get a few written quotes– It would be great if you can get a few written quotes from different heating and cooling companies that you are thinking of hiring. Prior to hiring a cheap company, ensure the fact for your given dollar amount you are getting all the necessary services and guarantee of their work.

Choose the best heating and air conditioning in Raleigh and get the best installation, repair and maintenance.

Five Ways to Find the Best Company for Your Plumbing Repair Job

The water supply pipes and drainage system are the most neglected parts of a house. Any leakage in these systems can be daunting. The frequency of these plumbing issues increases with the age of your house. Water causes erosion in pipelines and valves. Due to deposition of minerals, leakages may persist in the system. Faucets are also prone to wear and tear during the course of time.

The toilet, washing area, and kitchen are the most vulnerable species facing such issues regularly. Right from waste disposal to water drainage, you need to keep their plumbing in working condition. All these reasons are sufficient enough to think about hiring an expert plumbing company for every repairing and maintenance needs. Finding a real expert can be intimidating. Here, you can follow the tips given below:

  1. Use Social Networks:

Ask your neighbors or friends living in the same locality about the plumbing company that they hire for their plumbing needs. While looking for the best company for your plumbing repairs in Raleigh, these referrals are extremely valuable. If your friends have already availed these services for their house, they are in a better position to recommend a plumbing company. Such referrals are based on their past experiences. Additionally, you can check the reviews of a plumbing company on the famous websites and prefer the company having the highest rating in most of the reviews.

  1. Figure Out Your Need:

When making a selection, prefer a company that can handle all the plumbing issues effectively. You shouldn’t hire one company for bathroom plumbing repairs ( and other for kitchen leakages. Ideally, the company should have expertise in a comprehensive suite of services like installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of plumbing fixtures. Check if the company can replace and repair the water heaters, repair the clogged pipes and drains, as well as installing the outdoor faucets. Ask the company about its specialty in any one or two tasks that you deem to be important for your plumbing systems. You should select the company that fulfills your requirements.

  1. Availability during an Emergency:

Plumbing emergencies are unwarranted. However, most of the companies provide their services during the usual working hours. Emergency issues like pipe bursting or breakdown of garbage disposal are unforeseen. You can’t remain stuck up with the problem for a longer time. Hence, find a plumbing company that provides 24x7emergency services and is dedicated to solving your plumbing problems immediately.

  1. The Response Time of Plumbing Company:

You should check out the response time of plumbing service provider before you trust and depend on them. You can’t wait endlessly when a water leakage is hampering your daily routine. Mostly, these companies use a computerized answering machine to answer the incoming calls. As such, their response time is much longer than anticipated. Also, it is hard to explain and share your personal concerns with a machine. Hence, avoid such companies and give preference to plumbers attending your calls directly. This direct communication helps in understanding a problem accurately for providing prioritized solutions.

  1. Warranty or Guarantee on Services:

You should check the warranty or guarantee offered on the services of plumbing companies. This will help in assessing the quality of their services. It is always better to deal with a company that cares for your needs. A company with an expert team always provides permanent solutions along with comprehensive warranties to win your trust. And, it counts a lot.

These are the five proven and time-tested ways that can help you in finding the best company for your plumbing repair jobs.

Why You Need Specialists for Air Conditioning Repair?

It can be extremely difficult to maintain or regulate indoor temperature and control the humidity in the homes and offices across North Carolina. HVAC or air conditioning is the most viable solution for the residents of this region. It is important to keep these systems in working condition to prevent the breakdown issues. It must run its full efficiency to maximize your comfort and reduce your energy bills.

Air conditioning is a complicated system that needs to be serviced regularly by specialists to maintain its peak performance. With proper care, your air conditioner system will run efficiently and never allow any discomfort in your place.

However, you should rely on specialists for air conditioning repair service in Raleigh NC. You may find many air conditioner repair centers claiming to provide overall services at much cheaper rates. You shouldn’t fall into this trap. Rather, you can check out certain points mentioned below. They signify why you need a specialist for your air conditioner repair.

They Are Trained:

Specialists are well-trained and have a sound knowledge of air conditioning systems. They are professionals and possess the skills to make your air conditioner work efficiently. If you hire an amateur having a little knowledge about branded air conditioning, then you may put your costly system on risk. In fact, any wrong fixing can burn the air conditioner badly and you may end up making a huge loss because these repairers won’t give a guarantee.

They Are Certified:

The reputed companies hire only a certified technician having claimed a distinction satisfactory certification in air conditioning or HVAC repairing. This certification does matter to assess the proficiency of a worker. A specialized category certificate is issued to the skilled people who have cleared all the parameters set by authorities.

High Customer Satisfaction Ratings:

You can evaluate and scrutinize the services of a reputed air conditioning repair company. They offer a wide variety of services including refrigerant replacement, tune-ups, emergency services, thermostat repair, and so on. These professional companies provide one-stop solutions for every air conditioning need. Due to their prompt and efficient service, they claim a high customer satisfaction rating. This really matters for you to make a right decision.

Equipped with Latest Techniques:

Technical advancement plays a vital role in the mechanism of these sophisticated systems. Whether you want to replace a thermostat, ductwork, or any related task, specialists are always a better choice. They are equipped with the latest technology and follow the best methods for repairing the complicated issues. Also, latest tools cause minimum damage to the parts and equipment of air conditioning machinery.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Reputed companies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their clients. They will always stand with you in every circumstance. They can understand the issues in a short conversation. Their modern devices are upgraded with latest techniques to diagnose the problems. Once an issue is detected, they have the best solutions for any damage.

Safeguarded Services:

Sometimes, a small issue in air conditioner signals to a bigger problem in the future. Gas leakage or any other such problem can be easily diagnosed by specialists. They are professional and trained to identify the immediate threats and impending issues. In fact, they can easily pinpoint every potential risk.

Instant Service:

The air conditioning specialists are familiar with the complex systems and they have ample experience of repairing them effectively. Mostly, a lot of time is spent in finding the core of a problem. But, the specialists become expert in diagnosing issues and resolving the problem in a short time. A reputed company will emphasize on a quick resolution to your air conditioning ( issues.

Offers Discount:

As a good gesture, many specialized air conditioning companies offer adequate discounts in their bills. They reduce many extra charges and transportation fees for their trusted customers. Some of them offer as much as 10% discount on the repair bills.

These are some of the reasons that make it necessary to hire the specialists for your air conditioning repair.

Packard Parts Most Comprehensive and High Quality Products for All Your HVACR Repair Requirements

Packard include high quality products from almost 40 industry reputed brands in the field of HVACR.  Packard is the master distributor for all these brands and has its own private labelled products and parts for all HVACR repair and replacement needs.

Packard parts uses its experience and expertise in bringing you the best parts for your HVACR repairs, accordingly it offers high quality compressors for AC and refrigerators from Bristol compressors, air pressuring sensing switch kits from C, surge protectors from Ditek, shaded pole and ECM motors from ELCO and so on.

Packard parts team strives to deliver high quality product parts along with excellent service. The team at Packard strives to foster friendly and long-term customer relationships with all the customers. Previous customers felt that the Packard team is very courteous, responsive, and friendly; they have a professional approach and takes every customer query seriously. They make it easy to shop with them whether you visit their stores physically or check out their products online, or even if you want to order or enquire about their products over the phone.

Another important feature of Packard parts team is that they listen to the demands, needs, and the requirements of the customers. As such, they carefully observe the custom requirements of the customers, and study the needs of their customers. Their observation of the shifts in buying helps them to offer the right products to meet the specific requirements of the customers.

Packard parts have earned the reputation of products that are reliable, are of professional grade and are of high quality. You can depend on the products that Packard has to offer for your HVACR repair and replacement needs, as they offer durable products that help your HVACR with longevity. These parts made with latest engineering skill, and using state of art technology uses the high artisanship of the technicians, engineers, etc., guarantees that your HVACR equipment runs without any breakdowns, etc.

With a wide range of selection of HVACR parts and components, Packard parts aims to be the one stop shop for all HVACR repair and replacement shopping needs. The wide variety of Packard parts include:

Electrical Components:  Packard parts offer exclusive range of electrical components and repair, replacement parts for your HVACR repair and replacement needs with an easy and quick shopping system.  Packard offers dry capacitors, lighting capacitors, run capacitors, start capacitors of all reputed brands such as Titan Pro etc.  Apart from capacitors, you can also buy contactors, switches, thermocouples, transformers, coils from brands such as Fasco, Titan Max, and more.  Packard aims to offer wide product parts with a focus on quality and affordability for its customers. In the process, it strives to include as many product categories as possible under each division.

Air Handling: Packard parts offer high quality parts for the air handling section of the HVACR repair and replacement works. Some of the products offers under this category include blower wheels, metal fan blades, pulleys, plastic fan blades, etc. The blowers, blades, cast iron pulley parts are of high quality and are the most comprehensive selection available on the market today. Whether you need replacement or repair parts for your condenser, draft inducer, flue exhaust, furnace repair or any other small or large appliance.

Accessories: Packard parts understand the importance of accessories in HVAC repairs, replacements and installation. Therefore, they have stocked the most comprehensive accessories required for all these functions of HVACR components and equipment. A wide offering of the accessories of HVACR components include shaft adapters, mounting brackets, end caps, rain shields, testers, Capacitor Brackets, etc. All these parts and accessories help easy installation, smooth functioning, and durability of your HVAC equipment (

Packard parts follows an easy and simple ordering system to make shopping easy and pleasurable experience for its customers. From the initial contact with the sales representatives to the customer service, representative they cordially receive your queries and questions and offer the best options available for your parts requirements.  Packard parts makes it easy to browse their wide product parts selection, simple to order, and track your order shipment status for your convenience.

Committed to delivering excellent customer service with a view to establishing long-term association with each of its customers Packard strives to maintain quality products listing and delivering unmatched customer service.

How Coupon Websites Work

You’ve probably heard of online coupon sites—maybe you have friends who use them. Maybe you’ve received an online invitation in your inbox to join one. And perhaps you’ve just ignored the invitations or failed to look further into coupons websites because they didn’t interest you, you mistook the invitations for spam, or because you just didn’t know how the site worked and were hesitant to invest your time or give up any personal information.

Of course, it’s everyone’s choice to sign up for a service, but if you have chosen to avoid online coupons sites because you don’t understand how they work, you are missing out! Coupon websites are a great way to save money. Odds are, you’re shopping online anyway, and unlike old-fashioned coupons, online coupons won’t clutter up your junk drawer! If you have been feeling hesitant to join a coupon website because you weren’t sure what it entailed, here is some information on how they work and what to look for when you sign up.

Finding a Good Coupon Website

Your first step is not just finding a coupon website, but also finding a good one. There are several coupon websites out there, but some are better than others. The first thing you should do is seek out online reviews to see what other people recommend. This way you’ll learn which sites are the most user friendly, and which have the best features and the fewest problems.

Look for a site that offers you the most. Some just list general discount codes that you can find anywhere, but others provide exclusive online coupons and offer additional savings to loyal customers and to customers who recommend their service to friends, and some even provide cash back. Those extra features can add up to a lot of extra savings, so they’re more worth your time.

Signing Up

Signing up should be similar to starting an online account with a reputable retailer. You’ll likely be asked for basic information, such as your name and email address. You’ll likely be given the option to save your mailing address and credit card number to make transactions faster. You may be asked to provide some general demographic information, or some information on your interests so the site knows which coupons and discounts to offer you.

Shopping and Saving

Once you’re all signed up, you can begin shopping. Different sites work in different ways. Some will just provide you with coupon codes and leave it up to you to visit the retailer’s website on your own to use the coupon. Others, however, will let you purchase discounted items right through the coupon website, speeding up and streamlining the whole process. These sites are great because they also allow you to purchase from multiple brands in one transaction, so you’ll not only be saving money, but valuable time as well.

Some coupon websites will provide you with more or greater discount offers the more you shop with them, so try to purchase items you would be buying anyway through the coupon website as often as possible.

Sharing with your Friends

As mentioned, some coupon websites provide extra incentives for sharing the site with your friends. The website might provide you with a personalized link to share that they can track, a coupon code to give your friends, or they might offer to send your friend an email invitation right from your account. Some coupon websites will give you incentives just for inviting or sharing with your friends, while others require your friends to actually sign up or make a purchase in order for you to receive your incentive. Often the friends you refer will receive a special offer as well.

Now that you know all about how coupon websites work, you have all the information you need to decide whether you want to sign up. It should be a pretty easy decision—who doesn’t like saving! Coupon websites are usually easy to use, fun, and they lead to significant savings. They are a great way to enhance your shopping experience and help you save on the items you’d be purchasing anyway.

So go ahead—do a little research. Ask your friends about the coupon websites they use, sign up, and start saving money!

Siemens Actuators – The Best for HVAC Requirement

Are you searching for Siemens actuators for your HVAC requirement?  Look for the best online solution from Siemens and get the best solution for your need. Siemens provides different types of valves as well as valve actuators for matching various applications like standard HVAC and industrial applications. All these are designed for controlling water, steam and other media accurately. You can make use of Siemens actuators as well as valves for matching every requirement for accommodating automation need of your building. Since, Siemens is known throughout the world as a top manufacturer of construction automation components, the automation components of Siemens are apt for new installations and replacement in prevailing building automation systems. These components provide greater energy and eco-friendly supervision for various applications. The benefits include fast installation, no slip operation center damper shaft safeguarding no side loading for longer equipment and actuator life.

Now, let’s have a look at the different types of Siemens actuators and valves:

  • Two-way Ball Valves – You can get two-way ball valves made up of stainless steel featuring expanded CV range and improved sizing at an affordable rate. These can be used in medical facilities, schools, offices, universities as well as other commercial properties. Moreover, 3 way valves are used for HVAC needs. The line size of the ball valves and actuators ranges from half inch to 2 inches. These ball valves are able to control chilled, hot water and glycol solution in fan coil units, convectors, radiation, unit conditioners, reheat coils and radiation up to 50%.
  • Zone Valve Actuators – The line sizes of these valve actuators range from half to one inch. Moreover, Siemens 599 Series Zone Valves offer excellent fan coil control, unit ventilators and other applications where modulating control is required.
  • Globe Valves Actuators – The lines of these actuators range from half to one inch. The Powermite Series Globe Valves offer greater choices for applications, presenting direct technology for connection of valve and actuator without any tool.
  • Butterfly Valves – These are available in various sizes up to 20 inches and are superb for isolation applications. Two as well as three-way butterfly valves offer two-position (On/Off), floating and modulating control and you can get them in various configurations.
  • Rotary Actuators – First acting rotary actuators are also introduced by Siemens to bring the open air platform to critical environmental control. These are able to use several control signals, taking just 2 seconds for rotating 90 degrees. This open air product is aptly suited for exhaust and supply terminals as well as fume hoods. Open Air Electronic Damper Actuators from Siemens are also designed for reliable operation, quick installation, as well as low power consumption. Features, like self-centering shaft adapter and standard wiring across product line help the technicians to install actuators quickly and precisely.
  • Open Air Electronic Damper Actuators – These are often intended for usage on UL registered smoke control dampers with a blend fire/smoke rated dampers. The open air fast acting electronic rotary actuators for critical environments include several features like exclusive self-centering shaft coupling, brushless motor with stall protection, fast operation, all control signals model performance, feedback standards, selectable fail safe position, UL & cUL listed, CE certifications, dual independently adjustable auxiliary switches and more. The functions comprise of concentric control for shaft sizes up to ¾ inches, 2 seconds runtime, built in proof of position and operation of AC and DC power.
  • Pneumatic Control – This is another damper actuator from Siemens comprising of Mixing Box Dampers, Unit Ventilators, Outside, Exhaust & Return Dampers and Vortex Fans. It is available in 2-3/8, 4 and 7-inch stroke. This consists of several spring ranging from rugged, metal-fabricated device and has gradual or positive actuation.

Various other actuators are also available from Siemens ranging from flared, angled, sequence to changeover delivering unique applications available for replacement needs. The magnetic Valve combination of Siemens uses magnetic actuator for enhancing response time and offering constancy. Furthermore, pressure independent control valves provide your HVAC equipment the freedom to perform optimally. In some, you will get integrated control valve, adaptable flow limiter as well as automatic pressure controller into single reliable device. Low Torque Applications require Linear Stroke of 2-3/8”. These have consistent and accurate control of speed, torque, braking as well as stall protection functions. Often, they are pre-cabled, manual override and have consistent wiring detail across the product family. Choose one of the best Siemens actuators and get the right solution for your HVAC needs.

Top Seven Reasons to Opt for Amtrol Tanks

The first pre-pressurized well tank is invented by Amtrol Inc more than 50 years back. It is established in 1946 on the premise that novelty, excellence and facility will be rewarded with client loyalty and support. In 1954, the hydronic industry was revolutionized while introducing EXTROL – the first pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tank of the world. This was followed in 1963 with the innovation of the first pre-pressurized well tank and the refrigerant gas cylinder invention in 1967. Amtrol started inventing the indirect fired water heater in 1980 as well as the thermal expansion tank in 1991. In 2005, the business presented the first combined metal LP gas tank with a sale of more than 1 million tanks all across the world. History states Amtrol to be the world leader in design and setup of the vibrant mechanical systems used to regulate hydronic heating & stock potable water.

Now, let’s check out the top seven reasons to choose Amtrol tanks:

 Innovation – The revolutionary product presented pioneering design with hoop ring and groove for locking the diaphragm, lining and shell in an exclusive style. This innovation custom continued with next generation well-X-Trol of Amtrol, which utilized high steel for delivering 150 psig work pressure. This is 20% greater than competitive well tanks sponsored by an industry leading warranty of 7 years. Today Well-X-Trol merged its original Turbulator with an antimicrobial lining for delivering Clean Water Technology in each tank.

 Strongest Design – The tank has the strongest design with high strength steel, high work pressure, thick diaphragm, tough indoor and outdoor coating as well as multi-dome construction. You can get the best warranty for at least seven years. Besides, there was antimicrobial Liner Protection, water transmission device and combined tank stand.

 RP-HP Water Pressure Booster – Amtrol tanks also comes with an RP-HP Water pressure booster from where you will get a truly whole house pressure boosting system. The elements are pre-assembled with cut-off having low suction, thermal protection and integrated junction box. The pressuriser contains a proper pressure tank for reducing pump cycling. This helps in decreasing power consumption while enhancing motor life. Rather than small in-line models, the tank offers extra water storage for meeting the demand of peak water while enhancing competence.

 Internationally Committed to Add to Customer Values – Amtrol is an international corporation committed to enhance customer as well as shareholder’s value by providing consistent products with exceptional service. The value created is accomplished by working as a team. The business headquarters of Amtrol include Rhode Island and West Warwick. The products are produced in Rhode Island, Maryland & Kentucky and globally in Portugal. In order to meet the worldwide demand for products, Amtrol drives sales office in Canada and sales offices in Latin America & Europe.

 Pump Head with Stainless-steel – Mechanisms and competences usually found in commercial systems are 115/230v compatible boosting proficiencies from 40 to 50psi over city pressure, including temperature and pressure safety switches with quiet operation of 65dB and 2-year Limited Warranty.

 Stringent Standards – Nowadays, that essence of novelty is part of all water heater, weight booster and well tank as chemical container. The stringent standards have been raised to higher levels throughout the years for keeping pace with industry’s quick technical progression and also for achieving ISO 9001:2008 warranty. Amtrol comprises of water system solutions for storing, management, warming, development and flow regulator, together with a horde of associated HVAC products serving the housing, commercial and engineering markets. Subsidiaries consist of Amtrol Alfa, focusing on heating as well as refrigerant gas cylinders.

 Quality – Amtrol is an important high quality designer & product manufacturer for fluid management, storage and treatment applications. Best known for Well-X-Trol, Extrol, Therm-X-Trol and BoilerMate brands, Amtrol created a new Quality Policy. Its Quality Management System is crucial to reduce costs and maximize customer satisfaction. As a result of which, customers expect perfection in the quality of products and services provided by Amtrol. The drive of Amtrol’s QMS is assuring leadership in a progressively competitive market. The objective of the manufacturer is to offer products and services, exceeding customer expectations by upholding quality of product and consistency and developing the loyalty of customers. Moreover, Amtrol continuously improves on the efficacy of QMS. Understanding constant development through the active participation and partaking of clienteles and dealers Amtrol promotes quality by performing to the top standards of safety, excellence and reliability.

Seven Things to Consider While Installing AO Smith Motors

There are many considerations one needs to make while installing motors, especially safety as electrical hazards are very dangerous. In this post, we will try to cover all the aspects one needs to consider while installing or re-installing an AO Smith motor. AO Smith motors are one of the most widely used motors in the world and there are certain aspects about these motors that one needs to know before installing them. We are going to list out all of those features and the step by step actions one needs to take while installing the motor.

1. Heat

Heat is easily the most important consideration one needs to make while installing motors from AO Smith. Single-phase pool and spa motors from AO Smith feature a thermal overload protector that will shut down if the motor overheats. Overheating is always a serious issue when it comes to motors as they need to run continually and heat is inevitable. Heat can damage the motor’s windings, insulation, bearing lubricant and capacitors. Ventilation is the key to avoid these heat issues and the easiest way to achieve this is installing the AO Smith motor in a location that is free of dirt, dust or any other airborne debris. Air flow must be very good where the motor is placed or installed so that there are no heating issues whatsoever.

2. Moisture

Also ensure to avoid moisture as much as you can though AO Smith motors have excellent resistance to moisture. Ensure that the motor is installed where water cannot be splashed nor in low spots like underneath gutters or flood lines which could spoil the whole motor. A lot of humidity is something that must be avoided too and to be on a safer side, it is always preferred to elevate the motors at least two inched from the ground.

3. Power Source

The power source that you will be using for the new AO Smith motor must be in complete sync with the specifications mentioned on the motor plate. Line voltage, phase and frequency of the current source and that of the specifications must match before you begin with the installation. If the current capacity is too high one must contact the local utilities to look into it and if the current capacity is too low, one must check for overload circuits, loose connectors etc.

4. Altitude

As and when the altitude increases, the motors will have overheating issues in parallel. If you are installing the motor at an altitude higher than 3000 feet above sea level, it is advised to use a motor with the next larger horsepower rating than the one recommended for that application at sea level or use an E-Plus or Conservationist (high efficiency) motor of the same rating.

5. Mounting

Mounting is an important consideration to make while installing AO Smith motors for efficiency and durability. It is important that the motor is fastened to the ground/base and to the pump very firmly so as to prevent any vibration, loosening or future misalignment. If the motor starts vibrating or loosening as and when it is working, the motor will soon stop functioning normally and stops working suddenly.

6. Grounding

Both from a safety perspective and functionality perspective, any electrical appliance must have proper grounding to ensure there are no electrical hazards. While installing ensure that the green grounding screw inside the AO Smith motor is used to ground the motor to the service ground. In addition to this, use the bonding lug that is present outside the motor which is used to bind all the conductive surfaces of the motor together to prevent a potential difference between the surfaces. One must also ensure to comply with all the local and national electrical codes of grounding to avoid any issues further.

7. Pump Seal

For AO Smith motors, it is recommended that a Sintered Carbon Graphite seal be used while reassembling a pump or installing a replacement motor. Pump seals ensure that there is no leakage on the motor which could lead to both electrical hazards and a dysfunctional motor.

All You Need to Know About Fasco Motors

Without motors, it is impossible to imagine the progress mankind has made in terms of science, technology and industries. Fasco Motors is one of the world’s leading providers of custom fractional horsepower motors, offering thousands of motor products for a wide range of applications. The company is widely popular for its global presence, superior customer service and experienced staff who will deliver the highest quality product. Fasco has been an industry leader for over 100 years and has its own philosophies which are ingrained in its business and products. We will read all about the company and even list few of the best Fasco motors in this article. Read on.

Fasco’s Philosophy

The company is known for its custom fractional horsepower motors and undertaking customized work from each client is not an easy task. Each client will have different needs and Fasco has ensured that all requirements are met with utmost quality and convenience from the past 100 years. The company has the most experienced and imaginative designers who offer value-added, innovative custom solutions to each client. Comprehensive design, rapid prototyping, customer-centered testing are few of the many perks of working with Fasco as a client. Fasco motors are made keeping a ‘Six Sigma’ philosophy in mind, a design philosophy which includes a disciplined approach that focuses towards lean manufacturing and creative solutions. In addition, the company efficiently applies resource consolidation and product standardization to create motors of the highest quality and durability. Above all, despite offering quality at every stage right from procurement to production to delivery, Fasco offers all of its products at the most competitive prices.

Best Fasco Motors in the Market

1. Industrial Ultra High Efficiency ECM Air Circulator

This highly efficient air circulator uses one of the most efficient ECM motors and additionally uses a highly efficient fan blade as well. The 30-inch model uses only 78 watts to move at 5700 cfm and the 24-inch model uses only 60 watts to move 3300 cfm. The circulator owing to the power of Fasco motors can flow up to 9700 cfm and is completely enclosed to avoid any kind of safety hazard. This particular product from Fasco will find the highest application in industrial setups where cost effective ventilation and air circulation is badly required. The circulator can be easily operated using a pull chain switch and the locking tilt adjustment directs air where it is needed.

2. 16-25 Watt PSC External Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor

These Fasco motors are extensively used in commercial refrigeration and can also be used in any application with output ratings ranging from 16-25 watts. The PSC motor is highly energy efficient and a lot quieter than compared to its competitors in the market. The motor has an integrally mounted capacitor that provides a direct mechanical interchangeability with another popular Fasco motor, the pole unit bearing motors without any additional wiring required. The motor has a speed range of 1350-1550 rpm and delivers an output of 15-25 watts on 150 or 230 volts of power. The PSC motor is completely enclosed with an aluminum/cast iron enclosure and uses unit bearing within. Lastly, the motor has an impressive design life of 12 years.

3. ICE 59

ICE 59 motors are mainly used in commercial refrigeration and is also used in any application with output ratings up to 74.6 watts. This Fasco motor is the industry’s first smart 74.6 watt electronically commutated motor available in the market. The motor has many unique features like variable speed and digital serial interface and offers 40% higher efficiency than the above mentioned PSC motors. ICE 59 can reach up to 500-1800 rpm and the peak output is 74.6 watts. The motor is completely enclosed and the leads coming out of the motor can be customized to suit different applications. Lastly, the motor can operate in all angles thus offering more flexibility.

Apart from the above mentioned Fasco motors, there are many other popular motors such as shaded pole cast iron unit bearing motors, ICE 142, KRYO SSC, ARKTIC 59, ARKTIC SSC and more.

Things to Look Out for in Your Search for a Locksmith

Hiring a locksmith is very common nowadays and very important as well. No matter how much technology advancements progress, security can always be breached by the same technology. Safety is one of the core values we humans inhibit and take drastic measures for the same. So, hiring a Los Angeles or Columbus locksmith for your home, office or car should not be taken lightly.

Locksmiths are available everywhere, never in scarce. Some of them work independently while few work for a brand or agency. With the internet changing our lives, most of us search for everything or even anyone online. And so, locksmiths have to be adapted to the new trends and create their online identities so that their clientele grows and more people are aware of such a service. This is an easier way of searching for a locksmith and you can also check if the locksmith really exists by using the contact information given in their site. When a site offering such a service is present, there is a section of the website that is for the testimonials, reviews/ratings or comments from the customers. This way, you can get a first-hand information that will help you finalize your locksmith. There are other websites where reviews of many services can be posted. This way, you can browse through many services and compare them. There may be some reviews that make you skeptical, but in the end, one can get a clear idea.

Reputation is one of the major factors that matter when hiring a vendor with an important service. Since the service concerns security, a lot of background checks and research should be undertaken. Always remember, a reputed locksmith is also an experienced locksmith. The longer the industry experience he/she has, the better are your chances of security. With a lot of exposure to varied situations, working with different people, updating to the latest technology and possessing the required knowledge, the locksmith will be an efficient person who can safeguard just about anything.


One mistake a lot of people make is that they work with many locksmiths, the reason being that always need a backup if the first locksmith is unavailable. The better alternative to this issue is you only work with one locksmithing agency that provides a 24/7 availability of any kind of issue in your area. This way, your emergency situations can also be attended to. Yes, some people do get attached to a locksmith or two after a few services, but it’s always better to stick to one locksmith who delivers the whole package making you satisfied and assured for the future. Another thing to look out for in this regard, is the expansion of services; are only houses attended to or does the agency also aid in commercial and car/bike related emergencies? Do they duplicate keys or just unlock bolted doors? Are they able to work with door and window hardware? Do they provide suggestions and opinions? Are they able to answer all your questions and completes the task dutifully? Experienced and well-trained locksmiths will know how to work with locks and bolts of every kind, safes and vaults will not be a new concept for them and car/bike keys can be easily duplicated with the latest technology.

There are other qualifications like validation, credentials, certifications, kind of tools/equipment, that go into the entire deciding process. One thing is for sure, this decision is not to be made overnight, at the same time do not make the decision too late incase an emergency pops out of the blue and you get stuck. Nobody is perfect, so you will find yourself compromising on certain qualities to choose the ideal locksmith for you. Getting information from people who have used services from agencies is another helpful technique, this allows you to prioritize your needs in a locksmith.

Another factor to note is that a good locksmith will never overprice or undercharge you. Going for a very costly service may seem as a good option for certain situations, but maintenance and repair/replacements do have a margin when it comes to prices. These are the things to look out for in your search for a Locksmith.