A Beginner’s Guide on Choosing Wire and Cable Manufacturers

It is hard to imagine the progress of science and technology without wires and cables around us. Though we live in the age of internet and wireless technologies, it is impossible to do away with these cables. This is because, out of the many things that our society and civilization stands upon, wires and cables is a prominent one. They are the transmitters of power and information in all walks of life be it industrial machines, electrical circuits or telephone networks. Individual wires and cables, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, coiled cords… there are many types of that we use every day. There are many customizable features such as conductor sizes, conductor material, insulation material etc. which can be tweaked to get the type of wire we want.

From brick and mortar stores to online stores, buying wires and cables in small amounts is pretty much effortless. However, it is rather a serious issue if you are an industrialist/entrepreneur who is looking for them in bulk amounts. You need a manufacturer who can cater to your bulky requirements with quality and reliability. There are many factors one should consider while making this choice and many parameters that one has go through. Here are a few tips to find the most ideal wire and cable manufacturers to match your expectations and cater to your requirements.

A Beginner’s Guide on Choosing Wire and Cable Manufacturers• First and foremost, you need to find a manufacturer who has the capability to satisfy your bulky requirement. Make a quick online research of the manufacturers in your area and do a background check on the companies you shortlist from your research. Ensure that they manufacture in bulk and deal in wholesale fashion.

• Continuing the above point, industrial requirements are seasonal and sometimes unprecedented. Given the situation, you need a wire and cable manufacturer you can rely upon anytime. Industrial operations can’t stop due to lack of equipment at any cost, as they are a huge blow to productivity and trigger a chain reaction of losses and delivery delays.

• Industrial applications have a wide array of requirements and every requirement demands a different set of wires and cables with varying capabilities. So ensure that the manufacturer you choose has the manufacturing capacity to offer customization and also a wide array of product range. Customization of wires and cables is very important when your requirements keep fluctuating or renewing.

• If you expect the wires and cables you purchase from your manufacturer are advanced in technology, the machines manufacturing them and the techniques used to manufacture them must also be advanced. If you are buying in bulk, it is advised that you visit the manufacturing unit in person and see for yourself the kind of engineering and manufacturing processes the manufacturer is employing.

• When you visit the manufacturing unit, take a full round trip of the unit. This includes not just the engineering and processes employed but also the measures taken to ensure product quality. Every qualified manufacturer will have a testing unit to inspect the wires and cables before shipping them. Ensure that the cables (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable) are tested to perform under extreme physical and temperature conditions, high voltage etc. and meet requirements like performance, durability, ease of installation, etc.

• To ensure the safety, reliability and quality in their unit, the manufacturers must get various certifications. Don’t even think about buying the product if they don’t have the following certifications on them- CSA, UL, VDE, ISO, and RoHS. Safety in industrial environments is very important and you can’t risk work hazards like short circuits and electrical fires with faulty and under quality wires and cables.

• Lastly, consider the overall costs of your requirements and have a clear cut idea of how much you are willing to spend. Make necessary market research and be aware of the latest trends in the wire and cable manufacture industry. Be ready for negotiations and also have backup options in case if you are not offered the price you have in your mind. But never compromise with quality and safety for cheaper wires and cables.

Five Reasons to Use Inverted Microscopes in Biological Applications

Without microscopes it is hard to imagine the scientific and technological progress that we witness every day. These instruments are the gateways to the sub-atomic and microscopic world of electrons, viruses and bacteria. Little tiny things, invisible to the naked eye have revealed so many secrets about the world we live in and are still hiding so many secrets yet to be discovered. Research and treatment in biology and chemistry has been continuously made for centuries and the role microscopes have to play in this endless study is enormous. This article explores the reasons why inverted microscopes are the best choice for biological applications like research and treatment.

We are all familiar with the usually used upright microscopes which have the objective lens on the top and the stage at the bottom, lit by a light source placed underneath. But in 1850, J. Lawrence Smith invented a new breed of microscopes, known as the inverted microscopes, which have changed the face of research in biological applications forever. In a typical inverted microscope, the objective lens is placed at the bottom of the setup and the stage is placed above it. Hence, while observing, one has to look up to examine the sample, lit by a light source above it, therefore the name inverted microscope.

Five Reasons to Use Inverted Microscopes in Biological ApplicationsWhy Inverted Microscope?

The most important reason which led to the discovery of this instrument is gravity. Yes, samples observed in a microscope are not free from gravity, and while observing aqueous samples like living organisms or cell structures, it was seen that the sample settled down the slide due to the downward push and hence accurate observations couldn’t be made. However, this situation was easily resolved using an inverted microscope. This is because, one observes the sample from below with this instrument and whether or not the sample is affected by gravity; the observation is not affected one bit.

Reasons to Use Inverted Microscopes in Biological Applications

There are several reasons why inverted microscopes make for an excellent choice of lab microscopes when it comes to biological applications like cell observation, in-vitro fertilization, epi-fluorescence and video microscopy.

1. Allows all kinds of samples

When it comes to biological applications, it is necessary that the samples are sometimes alive, and the life history and manifestation of small microorganisms are observed as it is. This requires that the samples are observed for weeks and upright microscopes won’t support this cause. The constricted environment of slides and cover slips in upright microscopes will harm the sample and moreover allow only a sample of the culture and not the culture itself. On the contrary, using inverted microscopes, one can observe the entire culture placed in a petri dish and not worry about taking small samples.

2. Easier to use and easier to prepare samples

Continuing the above point, one need not prepare samples as long as the culture itself can be placed for observation. There’s no need for a sample press for accuracy while observing under an inverted microscope and also processing of only one side of the sample is sufficient to complete the observation. Since the sample moves in the same direction as the observer moves the stage, it is very easy to understand the operations of an inverted microscope, even for beginners.

3. Less risky

Crashing the objective lens into the sample is a significant risk upright microscope user normally faces. Once the sample under observation is destroyed, it starts a chain reaction of time delays and extra work that kills productivity. However, there is no risk as such in inverted microscopes used in biological applications as the sample is placed above the objective.

4. Sample need not be processed

For greater visibility under upright microscopes, the samples are normally stained and this leads to the wastage of the sample over time. However, while using inverted microscopes, one can make use of the features such as Kohler Illumination, DIC and phase contrast optics for greater visibility and thus leave the sample untouched for longer life.

5. Technically advanced

Lastly, inverted microscopes are technically more advanced as they have many ports which allow it to connect to recording devices, computers and TV screens for real-time review and observation.

Exploration of the Book ‘Life of Lord Byron’ Authored by Thomas Moore

This famous and most authentic biography of Byron’s life when became published way back in 1830, was marked as a major literary event. In those days, readers anticipated eagerly to find details about this famous prodigy’s separation from his wife and an array of rumor concerning his love life and romanticism. Though the publication equally dreaded Byron’s acquaintances as this prodigious author famously had a habit of saying embarrassing things about almost anyone, not even sparing his closest acquaintances, friends and family. In that respect, the book Life of Lord Byron by Thomas MooreExploration of the Book ‘Life of Lord Byron’ Authored by Thomas Moore was a rather courageous decision to tell the story of Byron’s life in the befitting manner that he always wished it to be told. Before the publication, Moore himself had been quite anxious in anticipating the reaction of readers and people who have been dear to him. But, the final outcome actually surpassed all previous biographical account on the life of the author and till date is regarded as the decisive text to have any deeper glimpse into the life, time and works of Lord Byron.

Great exploration of Lord Byron’s life

It is quite difficult to name a biographical work which shows more kindness, exactitude, fairness and modesty than this work. Evidently enough, it has been written to offer insights into the author prodigy’s life rather than just for offering so called anecdotes and events in his life. It is quite admiring a fact that while relating in detail or explaining something Mr. Moore as the biographer never really thrust himself in but rather took always the solemn position of a historian. Though throughout the better part of his life he had been a close friend of Byron he never subjected himself to any temptation of egotism and restrained from saying about himself except where it had been absolutely necessary. Taking a lot of materials from the then surviving Letters and Journals of Lord Byron he made the book a pleasure thing to read with an array of original writings offering insights into the life of the author. The task of a biographer to a great extent is akin to a historian and in that sense our biographer dealt with great judgment and objective exactitude. The life of Lord Byron is well known for several of his typical personality traits including his petulance, irritability and also his communicativeness. Moore’s biography dealt with all these attributes of the personality rather than just sticking to gross aspects.

Byron and Moore, grave influence on each other

While there is a common perception that Percy Bysshe Shelley as a poet had the gravest influence upon Lord Byron’s work, it has been contradicted by many contemporaries that Moore as the close friend had no less influential presence in Byron’s life and work than other living writers of his era. The literary relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore has already been subject of various studies and critical accounts, though their massive volume of correspondence to this day serve as the biggest proof of this mutual influence and sharing of minds.

Lord Byron’s attempt to imitate the early erotic lyrics of Thomas Moore is already well known in literary circles and this has been exemplified by many posthumous critical works on their mutual influence. Byron’s literary influence upon Moore was also tremendous, particularly this influence is clearly seen in the oriental flavored and narrative poems by Moore that were written in the first quarter of Nineteenth century. The two prodigy’s literary relationship and lifelong involvement besides contributing to their individual works also laid bare the social undercurrents and artistic inspiration as well. With such a stature of friendship and mutual influence, Thomas Moore is likely to be the deserving person to author the biography of Lord Byron.

Insightful exploration of Byron’s life, time and text

This novelistic and equally accurate account of Byron’s life and time unquestionably takes the reader to the deeper recesses of artistic creation that Lord Byron is credited for. It is the sensitive heart of the poet prodigy that speaks throughout this book and it is another poet friend who captures the quintessential charm of Byron in his said utterances and through his eventful life. There is not a single instance in the whole book that can be cited for stiffness in language, and awkwardness in proving something. It has less drawn to style and more to substance and to make the unheard-of heard. It took a detailed look at the Byron’s art from the perspective of his life rather than just from literary explanation. In that sense it is a great guide for readers of Byron and classical English poetry.

Five Essential Things to Consider While Buying a Lab Microscope

Microscopes have helped us a great deal in understanding the world around us that is made up of innumerable sub-atomic particles. In order to fully understand the real life implications of these tiny particles, it is very essential that these particles are closely observed, analyzed and a conclusion is drawn on their behaviors. Microscopes that are used in laboratories which examine particles not visible to the naked eye are known as lab microscopes.

Five Essential Things to Consider While Buying a Lab Microscope

Primarily, there are two kinds of microscopes known as the low-power microscopes and high-power microscopes. While low-power microscopes are just used to magnify visibly smaller items, a high-power microscope is used to magnify into particles and organisms that can neither be seen with naked eyes nor low-power microscopes. Hence, lab microscopes fall under the category of high-power microscopes and are extensively used in applications like medical research and diagnosis, forensics, educational uses, scientific research and more. Also, there are two main types of light microscope: Compound and Stereo microscope. If you’re buying a lab microscope for the very first time, here is a list of things that you must not neglect at any cost.

1.  Compound Microscope

First and foremost, if you are buying a lab microscope, you need to understand that you are buying a compound microscope. A compound microscope is a high-power microscope which includes at least two lenses, one known as the objective lens and the other known as the eyepiece. Contrary to this, a simple microscope is a low-power microscope that uses only one lens known as the eyepiece and used for simple applications. Hence, make sure you only buy a high-power compound microscope (http://www.ehow.com/about_5046176_compound-microscope.html) which can be used as a lab microscope.

2.  Magnification

Magnification essentially means the magnifying power of both objective lens and the eyepiece. The objective lens is placed closer to the specimen and considering the scale of the specimens you’d want to observe, carefully choose the scale of the magnification. Objective lenses of magnification 40x, 100x, 400x and 1000x are mostly preferred in the use of lab microscopes. An eyepiece further magnifies the image of the sample and hence the eyepiece should have a minimum magnification of 10x to observe specimens like micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria, blood samples, sub-atomic particles and more in a laboratory.

3.  Focus

While observing in microscopes we need to focus on particular parts of the specimen under observation and given the small size of the specimen, focusing has to be mechanical and precise at the most. There are two kinds of focus available in microscopes namely coarse focus and fine focus. While the coarse focus is only found in low-power microscopes, it falls behind the fine focus when it comes to precision and accuracy. Given the type of specimens observed under lab microscopes and their extremely small size, you would need coarse focus to closely navigate through the specimen and observe the tiniest details.

4.  Lighting

Lighting is a pretty important concept in lab microscopes as they illuminate the tiniest specimens under observation that are not visible to the naked eye. The light is cast below the objective lens and LEDs are the new favorite light bulbs of lab personnel and manufacturers alike. Though halogen bulbs are preferred for bright white light, they are avoided when the heat emitted can damage the specimen. In such cases, LEDs and fluorescent are the most ideal light bulbs as they emit very little light.

5.  Mechanical Stage

The specimens are always placed on a stage in a microscope, which is lit from the down using a light source and observed using the objective lens and the eyepiece. While observing the specimen it has to be moved around to cover the entire structure and given the small size of the specimen even a small hand movement could really change the observation. Hence, while buying a lab microscope, make sure you buy one that has a mechanical stage which could be moved by little increments, one notch at a time.

So to conclude, while you are buying a lab microscope make sure that it is a high-power compound microscope which has a good magnification scale of 100x or more, fine focus, LED lighting and a mechanical stage.

A Brief Summary on Manufacture and Advantages of Coiled Cords

Imagining a world without cords and cables is impossible, as ever since the advent of electricity we have been using them as conductors of electricity and will continue to do so. There are many types of electric cables and many forms in which they are manufactured. Based on the industries they are used in and their applications, cables and cords have been customized in terms of the materials used or length or diameter or insulation or shape or any other attribute. Out of these many customized cords and cables, coiled cords remain to be one of the most popular type of cables. Coil cords are customized and different from the regular cables that we use, mainly with their shape and the way they function. This article will help you understand the ways these coiled cords are manufactured, materials that go into their manufacture and various advantages of using them.

How Are Coiled Cords Manufactured?

The most striking and advantageous feature of coiled cords is that they are coiled unlike the regular cables or cords that are straight. So how does one make these cords coiled? Is there any special material that adds elasticity to these cords or is it some manufacturing technique that renders these curls? Well, the answer is quite simple than expected! Coil cords are just like any other regular cords and the curls are obtained using a simple manufacturing technique. In order to give it a spiral form and shape, the metal conductor inside the cord is first wound around a mandrel or tube. Once it gets a circular shape, a polymer coat or any other coat of insulation is given to obtain the finished product. Coil cords have a conducting material, an insulating material and a protective covering on top of it. Insulation and protective covering is very much essential as these cords carry high amount of current and without proper insulation one will be electrocuted.

What Materials Are Used In Coiled Cords?

As mentioned before, the three most important elements of a coiled cord are a conducting material made of multiple cores, an insulating material and a protective covering on the top of it. Normally metal is the most preferred conducting material and the most popular metals used in coil cords as conducting materials are copper, tinned copper and aluminum. For insulation, while Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polypropylene (PP) are the most preferred materials, materials like polyurethane (PU) are used in case the insulation needs to be strong to prevent abrasions or any other form of undesirable effect, such as coming in contact with oils, UV rays etc. In most of the cases, these coiled cords are custom made by cable manufacturers to specific applications but 10-20 feet remains to be the most commonly preferred length of coiled cords.

A Brief Summary on Manufacture and Advantages of Coiled CordsAdvantages of Using Coiled Cords

Coiled cords are widely preferred by common people and industry professionals alike for their advantages. Their distinct curled feature is more complex than one thinks, as the implications of this simple modification can save a lot of time, money and resources. Here’s how.

1. First and foremost, coiled cords are widely used in electronic equipment regularly used in household and office spaces. Landline phones and headphone jacks use coiled cords as these cords can be stretched and carried to far off places. Suppose the cord is measured 7 feet when bundled, when pulled it can stretch more than 10 feet long. Thus, coiled cords are very flexible to use, offering greater mobility to the user and thus behaving user friendly.

2. When a certain equipment or system uses multiple cables, it’s a common sight to see those cables intervened with each other to form a complex and seemingly impossible to separate system of wires. However, this problem of dangling and intervening cables won’t exist in the case of coiled cords (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-the-different-types-of-coiled-cord.htm) as they are remain intact and remain circular in their shape, thus making it difficult for other cables to be intervened with them.

3. Apart from dangling cables, storage of these cables is also a major concern. Regular cables when compared to coiled cords take a large amount of space to be stored and that implies these cables are difficult to move around as well. In many industrial applications, it is required that cables are carried from one place to another on a regular basis and with coiled cords, transportation and storage of cables becomes a lot easier.

Custom Wiring Harness for Enhanced Manufacturer Output

Cable assembly manufacturing grown into a huge industry with the overwhelming demands of sophisticated cable assembly and harness products across the industries. In the past few decades, it reached unprecedented growth largely thanks to the increasing demand for high performance machines. In today’s sophisticated machinery products, clutter free technology and compact size is the basic criterion and without cable assembly this cannot be possible. Though standard cable assembly products are available to meet the requirements of different industries, custom wiring harness enjoys a steady rise in popularity as with their specific needs can be addressed and maximum output can be guaranteed.

Advantages of custom wire harness in different industries

Industries that particularly need long stretches of wire like the automotive, aerospace and aviation, electrical machinery, renewable energy and telecommunication, grown more dependent on wiring harnesses in the past few decades. In order to run the vehicles and machines more efficiently they need to manage the wire in an organized manner. The key benefit of using wiring harnesses is that you can easily avoid loose wiring inside the machines and can place them in custom made sleeves offering more ease of use and maneuvering.

In automobiles, machinery equipment, airplanes, rail and transportation systems and medical equipment the requirement of miles length of cable and wiring is common, but placing them inside the vehicle or machinery to come with maximum output is an equal concern. In the absence of a cable harness, the loose wires are likely to consume too much space and can add to the complications and amount of space required by the machine. Installing a wire harness is least complicated and time consuming compared to installation of loose wires inside a system. The use of wire harness helped machines become more compact in size, ease of operation and installation and smooth performance needing less maintenance.

Choices in wiring harnesses

In respect of making the choice among different types of wiring harnesses either of the two broad categories, manufacturers need to concentrate on, respectively as standard wire harness and custom wire harness. For general machinery without needing any special application standard wire harnesses can be appropriate. But for specific and custom uses generally custom wiring harnesses are required. Custom wire harnesses are ordered when it is felt that the specific requirements of the machine cannot be met with the standard type of wire harness.

Industries that require custom wire harnesses

Custom harnesses are particularly popular in the automotive, aviation, rail and public transport systems, medical equipment and electrical engineering industries because of their evolving and unique designs in machinery parts and equipment. Naturally, these industries do not need a typical ‘one size fits all’ type of wiring and instead they require more custom made wiring solutions for specific purposes. For instance, military aviation offering the cutting edge aviation technology in their evolving fight planes always in need of custom wire harnesses for ensuring the optimum output from the design of their equipment and vehicles.

In automobile industry also, we can see the rapid evolution of vehicle designs that are conceived every year. With new designs of passenger cars, trucks, sport vehicles, commercial vehicles constantly coming up custom wiring and cabling solutions are very likely to fit their purpose and design elements. The increasing variety of hybrid and electric cars hitting the road or being processed in R&D labs of automobile manufacturers, adds to this custom wire harness requirements.

Custom Wiring Harness for Enhanced Manufacturer Output

New and evolving designs of machinery also need the customized wiring most to fit the specific requirements. Machinery parts and equipment are evolving with new technology and more demands of compactness and least consumption of space. Naturally, while compactness and reduced footprints became a criterion for advanced machinery units these days, there is a rapid increase in the demands of the specific and custom wire harnesses that fits their size, shape, purpose and technology.

Finally, when it comes to choosing your wire harness partner to feed all your specific wiring needs, you need to consider a few aspects. Obviously, a company with a strong qualitative focus should be hired as before customizing needs material and manufacturing quality should be the first thing to look for. Secondly, it is important to see the variety of wiring harnesses (http://cartech.about.com/od/Car-Radio/fl/Installing-a-Head-Unit-With-No-Wiring-Harness.htm) that the company is specialized with. You should receive a custom harness that is made with meticulous considerations of your specific needs and that can ensure optimum electrical output.

What are the Benefits of an Insulated Coffee Carafe

Coffee is one of the most popular hot beverages due to several reasons. First of all it has a high caffeine content which gives the drinker an instant boost of energy and helps them to wake up quickly. This is the reason that many people like to drink coffee in the morning. Apart from being a good energy booster it is also a good social drink because many friends and family members prefer to meet over a cup of coffee. However, the main challenge with serving coffee is keeping it hot. Usually people like to take a break between cups of coffee and you need to keep it hot while it sits on the table when you are chatting. The best way to resolve this problem is to use an insulated coffee carafe. This will keep your coffee hot and tasting good for a long time.

What are the Benefits of an Insulated Coffee Carafe

A carafe is the vessel into which the coffee drips while you are brewing it. Usually coffee makers have a hot plate on the bottom on which you can keep a glass coffee carafe. If the carafe is left on the hot plate the coffee will stay warm, but this is true only of the bottom part and it often causes the coffee in the bottom of the pot to get burned. This results in bad tasting coffee at a luke warm temperature. At the same time, the coffee carafe cannot be left on the table which poses a problem in restaurants.

Insulated coffee carafes on the other hand will keep your coffee hot even if it is away from the coffee maker. A thermos flask also works in a similar manner and you can take it anywhere you go. Insulated travel mugs are also a good way to enjoy hot coffee when on the go. Thermal coffee carafes on the other hand are useful when you need to store a large quantity of coffee. It is always advisable to opt for stainless steel carafes which will look good and keep the heat in. If you want extra insulation it is also possible to get a double insulated carafe which works great for restaurants. These can be filled up and left on the table where the customers can have coffee whenever they want. However, you should ensure that an insulated carafe has a mechanism for pouring which will prevent the heat from escaping. This is the reason that some insulated carafes have a button which is easy to use.

Apart from restaurants an insulated coffee carafe can also be used for dinners, parties or daily use. Also coffee is not the only beverage that you can store in it as they can be used for hot chocolate or tea. It is always a good idea to keep your beverages hot because this eliminates the need for reheating or wasted coffee. Again there is no worry of the coffee getting burned on the stove or hot plate either. It is up to you to choose a large carafe to store all the coffee or a few small carafes which can be useful in case you have a lot of guests. It is a good idea to keep some insulated carafes handy even if you are not planning a special occasion. Thermal coffee carafes (http://housewares.about.com/od/coffeemakercareuse/qt/Thermal-Coffee-Maker-Carafes-Pros-And-Cons.htm) also make gifts for house warming parties and for people who love to entertain guests.

The only problem with buying an insulated coffee carafe is that there are so many different brands and models to choose from that buyers often get confused. This is the reason that you need to search carefully for suppliers and retail stores which have a reputation for selling only the best quality carafes. For this you will have to conduct a search online for the websites of the different online stores selling insulated carafes and other thermal products. You should compare several websites and short list 3-4 of them. Once this is done it is a good idea to place a call to each company and ask a few pertinent questions. This will give you an idea of the business ethics of the companies based on which you can single out the one that you want to do business with.

A Great Historical Novel – Number 70 Berlin by William Le Queux

As far as political novel and spy stories are concerned journalists enjoys the privilege of firsthand experience in political matters. They actually can approach anything in the political scene like an insider. This brilliant novel by Number 70 Berlin by William Le QueuxA Great Historical Novel - Number 70 Berlin by William Le Queux, a famous British journalist is a good example of that. As a writer of many capacities William Le Queux has been prolific in producing close to hundreds of stories and novels besides writings of non-fiction genre. Some of his novels went beyond the test of time and became regarded as modern masterpieces among spy thrillers and novels with a political theme at the backdrop. Number 70 Berlin is through and through a gripping social commentary just following the aftermath of First World War. The writer’s continuous obsession with war and social perspective of military thinking continued in this novel as well, only it became more social and individual in expression.

History and social drama well breached

As a political journalist William Le Queux always liked to portray social circumstances and influence of major political events and their life changing potential. The present novel is no different in that respect. But with more witty conversation and details of individual expression the novel added more charms than a so called run of the mill political novel or spy thriller. In that respect, the reader will find the novel far from boring and predictable. It offers sufficient material to take the reader to the last page revealing the social undercurrent of that era in all details. For an interesting reading material that exposes historical backdrop with social psyche, this novel is a good read. In the true sense, the historical perspective and underlying social drama has been well breached, not exactly with the suppleness, grandeur and fervor we expect from greatest war masterpieces of our time, but with a reading pleasure characteristic of William Le Queux’s (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Le_Queux) prose and style.

Not hitting the bull in the eye

One of the major characteristic of earlier spy genre novels is that they often dwindled too long on creating the mood, setting the plot and giving the clues through a conversational fabric and suddenly something out of all these will emerge to make a sharp turn of the storyline towards a bigger event of massive importance. The other characteristic is about developing the storyline in slow progression revealing the unexpected gradually while all the way maintaining the tension underlying the storyline. The present novel belongs to the latter category as far as development of storyline is concerned. Tiptoeing around the subject is a common trait of spy novels as eventual and sudden exposure of certain facts will create a charm of revelation readers expect from them. But obviously, there are certain novels that ventures to take a psychological path rather than depending too much on the storytelling. Proverbially speaking, they hit the bulls in the eye in the beginning only and then continues to explore the underlying narrative in the rest of the novel. Certainly, in that respect Number 70 Berlin falls short of any extraordinary way of drawing reader’s attention.

Patriotic spirit is in full display

This short but well written novel is an extraordinary piece of patriotic writing in the true sense of the term. As we can easily assume the time between two major world wars had also produced numerous intellectual battlegrounds staging patriotic exploration of all political events and their underlying social influence. In the present novel, this patriotic way of dealing with opposing political forces and influences has been shown in full fervor. At the center of this enrapturing drama against a patriotic rebuking of all German attributes from the British way of living and social life, was the Lady Betty Kenworthy and her Anti-Teuton Alliance which was formed by some patriotic enthusiasts. This association of British patriots who made it their duty to take action against the German in every possible way could exert considerable influence on the social psyche and political hierarchy of that era. Their advocacy of freeing the country of any harmful and disgusting German influence including self-imposed ban on German goods, use of German language and anything displaying or adoring German spirit had a grave social significance and only indicates to the general sentiment of masses corresponding to the international upheaval against the German Reich and its increasingly fascist leanings. Though the writer had not been able to make a valid criticism of the political motifs f the German and the opposing forces in the context of European and world politics, deciphering the patriotic fervor and the expressions they took in certain sections of people he made a responsible job as a historical novelist.

Questioning the Historical Correctness in Initial Studies in American Letters by Henry A Beers

This is a self proclaimed literary guide by Henry A Beers that in many respects falls short of the basic qualities and aspects such volume must contain. But shortcomings apart, for a reader this volume has dealt with many significant historic events that played great role in shaping the culture and body of literature as we know today. The entire study has been written in several long paragraphs without much attention to the usability of the book as a guide or manual for the students of literature. Though in some parts it is accurate and extremely well written, too many shortcomings can be called to mind as well. As a study guide, the book Initial Studies in American Letters by Henry A Beers Questioning the Historical Correctness in Initial Studies in American Letters by Henry A Beerscan be more organized in chapters along with anecdotes of major historical as well as literary events in the country. In any case, the book is worth reading for people who harbor a grave interest in knowing how the socio political events and forces shaped the literary cannon of the country in all these years.

The focus on the historical evolution

American history from the early colonial era to the last century went through too many upheavals and major twists and turns. Many of these era-changing turns had been significant for the entire American population and also the world order as well. Naturally, while considering the literary evolution in all these years one hardly has any other option but to place this body of history in the central place and then decipher the literary turns and changes in relation to this. The quintessential traits of a body of literature are either shaped by the collective mass leaning or by major prodigy who notwithstanding the social and political stagnation or upheaval can exert their influence on the literature of the era and beyond. This book has almost been silent on account of exploring the influence f these literary prodigies and more or less only concentrated on the historical events and socio political atmosphere at various times that facilitated new literary expression.

Isn’t it a biased historical approach?

While the author inadvertently tries to follow the historical path from the colonial era to the present, his learned biasness become apparent when he misses to refer to the American aborigines and gradual eloping of their literary and linguistic tradition in the face of so called civic European domination across all facets of life, livelihood and culture. Majority of the letters on this book have their principal preoccupation on the practical questions concerning power, governance and national pride. But hardly there has been a voice that can vehemently oppose the self-important European notion f republic and offer a more intriguing view of the colonial oppression that altogether made the people of the land to assimilate with their European masters or get killed. This biased and one sided approach to literary evolution is particularly apparent when the author offers a selection of correspondence among important political and military dignitaries.

The paradise explored

For many first generation settlers the American land was synonymous to paradise with a bounty of nature unfolding its beauty and riches to the outsiders. The pristine beauty of the wild prairie and blue water lakes to the dizzying mountains in the North, the vast country was a treasure of nature that European settlers were exploring for the first time. For the next few centuries this paradise will continue to be transformed into industrial powerhouse. But, this volume only brought together letters that can serve the nostalgic purpose of calling that lost paradise to mind. So, the letters collected in this book represents a reality far from total and inclusive in character.

A loose frame of passing history

At best the present volume delivers a loose frame of passing historical events and transformation of life through a collection of letters from different era and personalities. The history of the country just moves past the frame in quick succession without offering us enough glimpse to decipher the chronological collection and in that sense the book terribly lacks completeness so desirable from such a collection. Although the title of the book gives us a premonition of a guide book or manual that can introduce us to the milestones of historical events and corresponding literary influence, the loose sections and absence of historical anecdotes with the letters, falls short of fulfilling the expectation created by it.

Advantages of Using Custom Wire Harnesses for Industrial Applications

Wire harness or cable harness is also popularly known by other names such as cable assembly, wiring assembly and wiring loom. With relentless growth in technology and manufacturing sectors, there is a growing demand for wire harnesses among a wide array of industries like automobile, electronics, telecommunications, military and much more. A wire harness is an assembly or collection of wires or cables that would be left loose and dangling otherwise. These wire harnesses perform the combined task of many individual loose wires or cables and bring in many advantages. A few of them are listed as below.

Advantages of Using Wire Harness

• Less Maintenance: Industrial applications in industries like automobile and electronics would require millions of wire components and these wires are known to be bulky and lengthy as well. Leaving these individual wires loose and maintaining them is a tedious task and wire harnesses are the most ideal solution in such circumstances.

• Space, Time and Cost Efficiency: As told before, maintaining the bulky and innumerable loose wires is an impossible task. In addition, they will occupy a lot of space, demand a lot of manual labor, consume a lot of time and increase the overall maintenance charges of the industry. Also, the time taken to install these wire harnesses for various applications is comparatively very less when compared to installing individual wires, one after the other.

• Security: Industrial hazards and security issues are a major concern in industries as there are a lot of valuable materials stored in bulk and it is extremely difficult to combat industrial hazards like fire given the large scale of the industries involved. Wire harnesses prevent security issues like vibrations and abrasions by keeping the loose wires intact and safe.

• Customization: One of the biggest advantages, custom wiring harness are an increasing trend in industrial applications as wire harness vendors customize these products according to the customer preference, details of which are in the next section.

Custom Wire Harness – An Overview

Different industries have different requirement and different manufacturers within specific industries too have their own way of doing things. In circumstances like these, custom wire harness are the most ideal solution. Wire harnesses are customized based on a great number of characteristics as per the requirement and preferences of the specific industry, a few of them are listed below.

• Conductor Sizes

• Conductor Colors

• Stranding Sizes

• Conductor Insulation

• Insulation

Advantages of Using Custom Wire Harnesses for Industrial ApplicationsAdvantages of Using Custom Wire Harnesses for Industrial Applications

• Easy Installation- Custom wire harnesses come with customized features such as customized labeling, bundling, and easy-to-install terminal connectors. This allows for the wire harness and cable assembly manufacturers to easily recognize the wires they need for specific applications and save time in sorting out the right way to install the right wire in the right component. In a long run, efficient installation will increase the overall productivity of the manufacturing unit.

• Diversity- As mentioned above, it is not just the industries that will have different specifications but also manufacturers within the same industry who have their own specifications regarding the wire harnesses they ought to use. Custom wire harness solves this problem by providing a diverse array of harness products, suited for each individual manufacturer’s requirement.

• Quality- Custom wire harnesses can be easily trusted for quality and reliability as these products are manufactured under close observation and stringent quality checks are carried out before they are delivered. Since the customer himself will have the complete control over choosing harness characteristics like conductor size, conductor insulation etc. quality and reliability will hardly face any issues.

• Safety- While customizing wire harnesses for efficiency and higher performance, no compromise is made on the safety of these wire components as it can lead to many safety and performance issues. If the harnesses are used in products that are supposed to meet high safety standards, harness vendors will be willing to give more importance to the safety and durability of the custom wire harness.

• Additional Services- With customization, a unique relationship is shared by the vendor and the manufacturer and this leads to surprise, additional services from the vendor as a token of friendship and trust. Customized jacketing and insulation, Laser striping and marking to assist in quick identification and ease of installation of the wire harness are the kind of additional services, wire harness (http://www.ehow.com/how_8139443_check-wire-harness.html) vendors tend to offer.