A Beginner’s Guide on Choosing Wire and Cable Manufacturers

It is hard to imagine the progress of science and technology without wires and cables around us. Though we live in the age of internet and wireless technologies, it is impossible to do away with these cables. This is because, out of the many things that our society and civilization stands upon, wires and cables is a prominent one. They are the transmitters of power and information in all walks of life be it industrial machines, electrical circuits or telephone networks. Individual wires and cables, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, coiled cords… there are many types of that we use every day. There are many customizable features such as conductor sizes, conductor material, insulation material etc. which can be tweaked to get the type of wire we want.

From brick and mortar stores to online stores, buying wires and cables in small amounts is pretty much effortless. However, it is rather a serious issue if you are an industrialist/entrepreneur who is looking for them in bulk amounts. You need a manufacturer who can cater to your bulky requirements with quality and reliability. There are many factors one should consider while making this choice and many parameters that one has go through. Here are a few tips to find the most ideal wire and cable manufacturers to match your expectations and cater to your requirements.

A Beginner’s Guide on Choosing Wire and Cable Manufacturers• First and foremost, you need to find a manufacturer who has the capability to satisfy your bulky requirement. Make a quick online research of the manufacturers in your area and do a background check on the companies you shortlist from your research. Ensure that they manufacture in bulk and deal in wholesale fashion.

• Continuing the above point, industrial requirements are seasonal and sometimes unprecedented. Given the situation, you need a wire and cable manufacturer you can rely upon anytime. Industrial operations can’t stop due to lack of equipment at any cost, as they are a huge blow to productivity and trigger a chain reaction of losses and delivery delays.

• Industrial applications have a wide array of requirements and every requirement demands a different set of wires and cables with varying capabilities. So ensure that the manufacturer you choose has the manufacturing capacity to offer customization and also a wide array of product range. Customization of wires and cables is very important when your requirements keep fluctuating or renewing.

• If you expect the wires and cables you purchase from your manufacturer are advanced in technology, the machines manufacturing them and the techniques used to manufacture them must also be advanced. If you are buying in bulk, it is advised that you visit the manufacturing unit in person and see for yourself the kind of engineering and manufacturing processes the manufacturer is employing.

• When you visit the manufacturing unit, take a full round trip of the unit. This includes not just the engineering and processes employed but also the measures taken to ensure product quality. Every qualified manufacturer will have a testing unit to inspect the wires and cables before shipping them. Ensure that the cables (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable) are tested to perform under extreme physical and temperature conditions, high voltage etc. and meet requirements like performance, durability, ease of installation, etc.

• To ensure the safety, reliability and quality in their unit, the manufacturers must get various certifications. Don’t even think about buying the product if they don’t have the following certifications on them- CSA, UL, VDE, ISO, and RoHS. Safety in industrial environments is very important and you can’t risk work hazards like short circuits and electrical fires with faulty and under quality wires and cables.

• Lastly, consider the overall costs of your requirements and have a clear cut idea of how much you are willing to spend. Make necessary market research and be aware of the latest trends in the wire and cable manufacture industry. Be ready for negotiations and also have backup options in case if you are not offered the price you have in your mind. But never compromise with quality and safety for cheaper wires and cables.

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