Advantages of Using Custom Wire Harnesses for Industrial Applications

Wire harness or cable harness is also popularly known by other names such as cable assembly, wiring assembly and wiring loom. With relentless growth in technology and manufacturing sectors, there is a growing demand for wire harnesses among a wide array of industries like automobile, electronics, telecommunications, military and much more. A wire harness is an assembly or collection of wires or cables that would be left loose and dangling otherwise. These wire harnesses perform the combined task of many individual loose wires or cables and bring in many advantages. A few of them are listed as below.

Advantages of Using Wire Harness

• Less Maintenance: Industrial applications in industries like automobile and electronics would require millions of wire components and these wires are known to be bulky and lengthy as well. Leaving these individual wires loose and maintaining them is a tedious task and wire harnesses are the most ideal solution in such circumstances.

• Space, Time and Cost Efficiency: As told before, maintaining the bulky and innumerable loose wires is an impossible task. In addition, they will occupy a lot of space, demand a lot of manual labor, consume a lot of time and increase the overall maintenance charges of the industry. Also, the time taken to install these wire harnesses for various applications is comparatively very less when compared to installing individual wires, one after the other.

• Security: Industrial hazards and security issues are a major concern in industries as there are a lot of valuable materials stored in bulk and it is extremely difficult to combat industrial hazards like fire given the large scale of the industries involved. Wire harnesses prevent security issues like vibrations and abrasions by keeping the loose wires intact and safe.

• Customization: One of the biggest advantages, custom wiring harness are an increasing trend in industrial applications as wire harness vendors customize these products according to the customer preference, details of which are in the next section.

Custom Wire Harness – An Overview

Different industries have different requirement and different manufacturers within specific industries too have their own way of doing things. In circumstances like these, custom wire harness are the most ideal solution. Wire harnesses are customized based on a great number of characteristics as per the requirement and preferences of the specific industry, a few of them are listed below.

• Conductor Sizes

• Conductor Colors

• Stranding Sizes

• Conductor Insulation

• Insulation

Advantages of Using Custom Wire Harnesses for Industrial ApplicationsAdvantages of Using Custom Wire Harnesses for Industrial Applications

• Easy Installation- Custom wire harnesses come with customized features such as customized labeling, bundling, and easy-to-install terminal connectors. This allows for the wire harness and cable assembly manufacturers to easily recognize the wires they need for specific applications and save time in sorting out the right way to install the right wire in the right component. In a long run, efficient installation will increase the overall productivity of the manufacturing unit.

• Diversity- As mentioned above, it is not just the industries that will have different specifications but also manufacturers within the same industry who have their own specifications regarding the wire harnesses they ought to use. Custom wire harness solves this problem by providing a diverse array of harness products, suited for each individual manufacturer’s requirement.

• Quality- Custom wire harnesses can be easily trusted for quality and reliability as these products are manufactured under close observation and stringent quality checks are carried out before they are delivered. Since the customer himself will have the complete control over choosing harness characteristics like conductor size, conductor insulation etc. quality and reliability will hardly face any issues.

• Safety- While customizing wire harnesses for efficiency and higher performance, no compromise is made on the safety of these wire components as it can lead to many safety and performance issues. If the harnesses are used in products that are supposed to meet high safety standards, harness vendors will be willing to give more importance to the safety and durability of the custom wire harness.

• Additional Services- With customization, a unique relationship is shared by the vendor and the manufacturer and this leads to surprise, additional services from the vendor as a token of friendship and trust. Customized jacketing and insulation, Laser striping and marking to assist in quick identification and ease of installation of the wire harness are the kind of additional services, wire harness ( vendors tend to offer.

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