Why Escape Rooms Rock!

Escape rooms are the latest entertainment trend that is becoming hugely popular with the masses. For those who don’t know, the escape room concept involves being locked in a room with a group of people and challenged to break out using clues and solving puzzles to escape from a zombie.

The escape room experience involves puzzles, riddles, and team building. The escape room in Columbus are themed around horror and fantasy where participants are required to solve puzzles and overcome challenges thrown at them to win the game. Let’s see some of the reasons that make this new form of entertainment highly popular.

Solving Mysteries

We all are armchair detectives at heart. People love mysteries because curiosity is a common characteristic of human nature. Whether the game involves finding hidden treasures or finding the secret key, a mystery is to be solved. Solving mysteries is something that we all enjoy doing. The games in escape rooms require you to solve puzzles and find clues.

Real Entertainment

The immersive experience of a real game is something that cannot be compared with virtual games or even with virtual reality. In simple words, being a part of a horror movie is more thrilling than watching a horror movie in a theater. Escape rooms offer real entertainment and a good alternative for people who are tired of virtual games.

Adrenaline Rush

Getting yourself locked in a room with a zombie can be a scary experience. With an  added dreary music and spooky environment, it is bound to make the escape game more thrilling. Facing fears in a safe and controlled environment can provide you with a nice adrenaline rush and you experience same in escape rooms.



Room escape games are multiplayer games in which you participate with a group of people who can be your friends, family or colleagues. We all like playing with our friends and family, don’t we? Escape room provides you with a golden opportunity to play games with your loved ones.

Solving mysteries with your friends or colleagues is more exciting and fun. It not only reduces stress but also add more fun element. Unlike other games, the participants in the escape room games  are not opponents but a group of people having a common goal – solving puzzles and mysteries together to find their way out.

ETR games engage people in elaborate mystery rooms where players are challenged to solve mysteries and puzzles in 60 minutes to find their way out. The rule of the game is either you all win or you all fail. The Escape game is a group activity which makes it more enjoyable.

Race against time

Creating a sense of urgency in employees has become a necessity in the corporate world.  Without the sense of urgency, and goals and timelines, projects cannot stretch out. And as a result company loses its edge and it becomes more vulnerable to a competitor that is more organized and dynamic.

Thesegames create a sense of urgency in the participants as they have limited time to solve the mysteries, puzzles and escape the room. Such games put participants in an environment that coerces the brain to work faster. In a nutshell, employees start thinking faster and working faster to achieve their goals.

The sense of urgency even if it’s artificial helps employees see the big picture which includes a vision of the company, the challenges on the horizon including the competitors.  Employees participating in these games carry the skills learned in escape room games to their workplace, the result is businesses benefit from the optimum performance of the employees.

Team Building

The success of a project greatly relies on teamwork where each individual works to give his/her best performance while helping others achieve the same. The room escape games can help break communication barriers in teams and build a strong cooperative team that works as one to achieve targets.

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