Four Reasons You Should Choose Trenchless Pipe Repair

One day you are sleeping on a Sunday morning and suddenly your sewage pipe breaks down, clogging your drains and ruining your Sunday. Plumbing issues can halt your day to day routine and require immediate action from a plumbing service. However, the decision you take once you decide on the repair is very important; the method you choose to repair a damaged pipe. Will you choose a repair method that is quick and less messy or choose a method that is time consuming and tasking for everybody including you?

In this post, we will discuss trenchless pipe repair, the way it works and its advantages over traditional pipe repair. We will briefly discuss how the process works and list down the benefits of going with this new method of plumbing. Read on.

What is Trenchless Pipe Repair?

Pipes like water supply and sewage are usually underground and over time these pipes wear out because of corroding, rust and multiple other reasons. There are instances when these pipes are clogged due to unwanted deposition and any which way, repair is a must since both water supply and sewage pipes are very important for the regular functioning of a house. Traditionally, people used to dig up the ground where the pipe was placed and replace the entire pipe with a new one.

However, in a trenchless pipe repair you are not digging up a trench line where the pipe is placed. Instead you dig two holes along the trench line and reach for the old pipe. A splitting head is attached to the new pipe made from materials like polythene, perma-liner and epoxy resin. The splitting head forces itself into the old pipe without having to remove the old pipe. The new pipe will henceforth be used to pass the sewage and the old pipe will erode over time without affecting the newer installation.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

  1. Takes less time

The biggest advantage of this procedure is that it takes a lot of less time when compared to traditional pipe repair which takes more than a few weeks. A trenchless pipe repair will not take more than 4 to 6 hours and thus immediately fixes your plumbing problem. If you have an emergency plumbing problem or don’t have enough time to overlook the fixing process, you could go for a trenchless repair that will be done within a few hours. And, in no way does it means that the process is less effective as it takes less time than the traditional methods of plumbing.

  1. Less complicated

One doesn’t have to dig up the ground to fix a broken pipeline and hence if your pipe is under your lawn, you don’t have to ruin the lawn which you have groomed for long. Moreover, if you are going for a traditional method of plumbing you are not only paying for the plumbing charges but also paying for the reinstallation of the lawn. However, when you are going for a trenchless pipe repair, you are only paying for the pipe repair and not incurring any other damage which will empty your pocket.

  1. Long Lasting

Certainly, the trenchless pipe repair is far more advanced and durable than the traditional methods of repair. The pipes are made from newer materials like polythene, perma-liner and epoxy resin which are far more durable than the materials used for the older pipes. The newer materials are also immune to rust and corroding unlike the older pipe. Thus, when you are investing on a trenchless pipe repair, you are not only fixing the issue soon but you are also fixing it for good without any complications or landscaping.

  1. Less Expensive

Given that the new approach is quick, durable and less complicated; you must be assuming that the process is expensive. However, the process is extremely simple and needs less resources and less manual labor than the traditional methods. Moreover, since the fixing is permanent and durable, you will not incur any plumbing costs for a long time.

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