Have a Fun and Memorable Time with Bounce House Rentals

It is always great to get together with family, friends, and loved ones. The occasion could be something as simple a birthday or something more adventurous like a camping tour. The gathering could also include a larger number of people, like on a festive carnival, church social, and so on. Any memorable and enjoyable occasion has some common elements to them – yummy food, slurpy beverages, great people, and above all, unlimited fun. The merry feel to a party or occasion can be brought in with some recreation and games. Check with anyone who has organized a party recently, or recall your visit to a recent carnival – one thing that’s sure to strike you is the moonwalk. An inflatable vinyl structure, moonwalk is known by names different names across regions, such as bounce house, bouncy castle, jumpy castle, and so on. The primary purpose of this structure is to serve as a recreation for kids and adults, and can be used similar to a trampoline. Moonwalks or bounce house are easily available for rent in many cities, and can be hired for a few hours or days together, depending on the duration of your party or occasion.

Different types of inflatable structures to hire

Bounce houses come in many different shapes and sizes. Many of them are built like castles, especially those for kids. Bounce house rentals in Sugar Land or elsewhere can also be a combo unit, which additionally houses one or more slides. These in turn could be dry slides or wet slides for times when you want to have a little fun in water or simply beat the summer heat.  Such vinyl structures also have specific themes on them. Fairytale princes and princesses, or other animated characters are quite popular on bounce houses for children. Those for adults could incorporate a tropical or an ocean-like theme.

Setting up bounce houses

Bounce houses and moonwalks can usually be setup in indoor or outdoor spaces without much constraint. The basic requirement is that of a grassy turf that is free from dirt and debris, and one which does not harm the equipment or the users in any way. The space that is proposed for setting up the inflatable structure needs to have an area bigger than the bounce house itself. Another requirement is the availability of a power source close by. This is needed, in order to power the blower that fills the moonwalks or jumping castle with air. You can also hire a generator set if you do not have a power source available. When you opt for combo units with slides, especially those with wet slides, you need to ensure the availability of a water source as well. Some party rental companies use water barrels to sort out this need. The delivery of inflatable structure to your event location is usually free, if the latter lies within limits specified by the party rental company. Additional charges may be levied in case of remote locations that are difficult to access.

Things to remember

The reason to have a bounce house or moonwalk in your parry or event is to add a fun and recreational element to it. However, it is also important to stay safe when you play. If the primary users of the bounce houses are kids, always have one or more adults monitor the bounce house. Have an evacuation plan ready should the blower run out of power, or should high winds and heavy rains occur. Staying inside a bounce in an unpleasant weather conditions such as lightning or strong winds is definitely not advisable, as the structure may topple over, or puncture and cause injuries to the users.

Also bounce houses are not advisable for pregnant ladies or those with specific health conditions like a back injury, spine injury, limited strength, limited mobility, and so on.

Finally, always hire a bounce house rental that is insured, and inspected, even between successive uses. This ensures better safety of the users, as well as worry-free party during your special occasion.

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