How to Pick Team Building Activity – Learn How to Manage Your Team

Team building activities can be a hit or miss.  A carefully chosen team building activity will deliver desired benefits to individuals and organizations. Similarly, a poorly chosen team building activity could waste your time and might also have a negative effect on team members.  Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you pick right team building activity.

Define Your Objective

The most important rule to follow is you should define a clear objective for your team building activity.  To have a clear objective, you need to identify the issues that need to be addressed or improvements you seek in working of your team.

Simply said, the primary purpose of team building activity is to increase cooperation between individuals to help them work effectively towards common goal of the team. There are several escape games to choose from such as Save Yourself from Zombie, Treasure Hunt and many more.

While choosing any team building activity in Portsmouth, the most effective game play can be “think out of the box” action games.   Such team building activities infuse greater sense of unity and empowerment in the team.

Managing Your Team Towards Success

Not all teams are successful in escaping the room within one hour.  Some team fail miserably while some succeed.  At the end of the escape room session, you will be able to analyze your decisions, moves, how you communicated and what things you could have done differently. You will also be able find reasons why you were not able to escape the room or why you escaped so quickly.  Here are few tips to manage your team in team building in Southampton.

How to Pick Team Building Activity - Learn How to Manage Your Team

Communicate Well and More Often

The escape room game will have every member of your team working to find different clues.  You need to talk to each other and share what you have found with your team.  You need to also see and listen what others have found.

If you are facing problem with the clue, share your problem with others. Tell them what you think and listen what others have to say. It is necessary to communicate more and often to solve the quest.

Take Leadership but Avoid Big Personalities

A team without a leader is more likely to fail.  Some people are born leaders while some have large personalities   than others- they are outspoken, more direct and louder. A good leader will be in the forefront to solve the quest using his knowledge and experience. But at the same time he will be ears to what other team member have to say.  You never know whose genius will be a master stroke in solving the quest.

Avoid big personalities as it will work against team.  Escape rooms require team to work on multiple tasks and a good leader will keep track of things and put everything together to achieve success.

Admit Mistakes

To err is human.  Don’t forget that even smart people can make mistakes. The right thing to do is admit mistake and continue working on clues.

Work Together

Working together does not mean all members of the team focusing on one task. You need to break the team into smaller team of 1-2 to find out clues. The basic idea behind team building activity is working together even when apart.   It is necessary that every individual of the team works for self and success of all other members of the team.

Majority of the corporate’s set up a meeting to discuss and analyze the team building activity session.   A careful analysis will help you know the strengths and weakness of the team.  Team building activity is not a one-time effort; you will be required to plan several team building activities ( to build a strong team.

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