All You Need to Know About Fasco Motors

Without motors, it is impossible to imagine the progress mankind has made in terms of science, technology and industries. Fasco Motors is one of the world’s leading providers of custom fractional horsepower motors, offering thousands of motor products for a wide range of applications. The company is widely popular for its global presence, superior customer service and experienced staff who will deliver the highest quality product. Fasco has been an industry leader for over 100 years and has its own philosophies which are ingrained in its business and products. We will read all about the company and even list few of the best Fasco motors in this article. Read on.

Fasco’s Philosophy

The company is known for its custom fractional horsepower motors and undertaking customized work from each client is not an easy task. Each client will have different needs and Fasco has ensured that all requirements are met with utmost quality and convenience from the past 100 years. The company has the most experienced and imaginative designers who offer value-added, innovative custom solutions to each client. Comprehensive design, rapid prototyping, customer-centered testing are few of the many perks of working with Fasco as a client. Fasco motors are made keeping a ‘Six Sigma’ philosophy in mind, a design philosophy which includes a disciplined approach that focuses towards lean manufacturing and creative solutions. In addition, the company efficiently applies resource consolidation and product standardization to create motors of the highest quality and durability. Above all, despite offering quality at every stage right from procurement to production to delivery, Fasco offers all of its products at the most competitive prices.

Best Fasco Motors in the Market

1. Industrial Ultra High Efficiency ECM Air Circulator

This highly efficient air circulator uses one of the most efficient ECM motors and additionally uses a highly efficient fan blade as well. The 30-inch model uses only 78 watts to move at 5700 cfm and the 24-inch model uses only 60 watts to move 3300 cfm. The circulator owing to the power of Fasco motors can flow up to 9700 cfm and is completely enclosed to avoid any kind of safety hazard. This particular product from Fasco will find the highest application in industrial setups where cost effective ventilation and air circulation is badly required. The circulator can be easily operated using a pull chain switch and the locking tilt adjustment directs air where it is needed.

2. 16-25 Watt PSC External Capacitor Unit Bearing Motor

These Fasco motors are extensively used in commercial refrigeration and can also be used in any application with output ratings ranging from 16-25 watts. The PSC motor is highly energy efficient and a lot quieter than compared to its competitors in the market. The motor has an integrally mounted capacitor that provides a direct mechanical interchangeability with another popular Fasco motor, the pole unit bearing motors without any additional wiring required. The motor has a speed range of 1350-1550 rpm and delivers an output of 15-25 watts on 150 or 230 volts of power. The PSC motor is completely enclosed with an aluminum/cast iron enclosure and uses unit bearing within. Lastly, the motor has an impressive design life of 12 years.

3. ICE 59

ICE 59 motors are mainly used in commercial refrigeration and is also used in any application with output ratings up to 74.6 watts. This Fasco motor is the industry’s first smart 74.6 watt electronically commutated motor available in the market. The motor has many unique features like variable speed and digital serial interface and offers 40% higher efficiency than the above mentioned PSC motors. ICE 59 can reach up to 500-1800 rpm and the peak output is 74.6 watts. The motor is completely enclosed and the leads coming out of the motor can be customized to suit different applications. Lastly, the motor can operate in all angles thus offering more flexibility.

Apart from the above mentioned Fasco motors, there are many other popular motors such as shaded pole cast iron unit bearing motors, ICE 142, KRYO SSC, ARKTIC 59, ARKTIC SSC and more.

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