Packard Parts Most Comprehensive and High Quality Products for All Your HVACR Repair Requirements

Packard include high quality products from almost 40 industry reputed brands in the field of HVACR.  Packard is the master distributor for all these brands and has its own private labelled products and parts for all HVACR repair and replacement needs.

Packard parts uses its experience and expertise in bringing you the best parts for your HVACR repairs, accordingly it offers high quality compressors for AC and refrigerators from Bristol compressors, air pressuring sensing switch kits from C, surge protectors from Ditek, shaded pole and ECM motors from ELCO and so on.

Packard parts team strives to deliver high quality product parts along with excellent service. The team at Packard strives to foster friendly and long-term customer relationships with all the customers. Previous customers felt that the Packard team is very courteous, responsive, and friendly; they have a professional approach and takes every customer query seriously. They make it easy to shop with them whether you visit their stores physically or check out their products online, or even if you want to order or enquire about their products over the phone.

Another important feature of Packard parts team is that they listen to the demands, needs, and the requirements of the customers. As such, they carefully observe the custom requirements of the customers, and study the needs of their customers. Their observation of the shifts in buying helps them to offer the right products to meet the specific requirements of the customers.

Packard parts have earned the reputation of products that are reliable, are of professional grade and are of high quality. You can depend on the products that Packard has to offer for your HVACR repair and replacement needs, as they offer durable products that help your HVACR with longevity. These parts made with latest engineering skill, and using state of art technology uses the high artisanship of the technicians, engineers, etc., guarantees that your HVACR equipment runs without any breakdowns, etc.

With a wide range of selection of HVACR parts and components, Packard parts aims to be the one stop shop for all HVACR repair and replacement shopping needs. The wide variety of Packard parts include:

Electrical Components:  Packard parts offer exclusive range of electrical components and repair, replacement parts for your HVACR repair and replacement needs with an easy and quick shopping system.  Packard offers dry capacitors, lighting capacitors, run capacitors, start capacitors of all reputed brands such as Titan Pro etc.  Apart from capacitors, you can also buy contactors, switches, thermocouples, transformers, coils from brands such as Fasco, Titan Max, and more.  Packard aims to offer wide product parts with a focus on quality and affordability for its customers. In the process, it strives to include as many product categories as possible under each division.

Air Handling: Packard parts offer high quality parts for the air handling section of the HVACR repair and replacement works. Some of the products offers under this category include blower wheels, metal fan blades, pulleys, plastic fan blades, etc. The blowers, blades, cast iron pulley parts are of high quality and are the most comprehensive selection available on the market today. Whether you need replacement or repair parts for your condenser, draft inducer, flue exhaust, furnace repair or any other small or large appliance.

Accessories: Packard parts understand the importance of accessories in HVAC repairs, replacements and installation. Therefore, they have stocked the most comprehensive accessories required for all these functions of HVACR components and equipment. A wide offering of the accessories of HVACR components include shaft adapters, mounting brackets, end caps, rain shields, testers, Capacitor Brackets, etc. All these parts and accessories help easy installation, smooth functioning, and durability of your HVAC equipment (

Packard parts follows an easy and simple ordering system to make shopping easy and pleasurable experience for its customers. From the initial contact with the sales representatives to the customer service, representative they cordially receive your queries and questions and offer the best options available for your parts requirements.  Packard parts makes it easy to browse their wide product parts selection, simple to order, and track your order shipment status for your convenience.

Committed to delivering excellent customer service with a view to establishing long-term association with each of its customers Packard strives to maintain quality products listing and delivering unmatched customer service.

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