Septic Tank Pumping – When Should You Do It?

If you’re wondering how often you should have your septic tank pumped, or you don’t get reminders for scheduled septic pumping from the authorities, as it is common in various townships, instead of sweating, call for your nearest septic tank pump out service for needful guidance. With expert septic tank maintenance team, they visit your home, and on the evaluation of the entire set including septic tank size, its flush out system, your lifestyle, number of family members; they can suggest on the pumping cycle that suites your need.

Importantly, how often you require pumping of your septic tank depends on the following factors:

  • The capacity of your septic tank (the amount of wastewater gallons it holds);
  • The number of people inhabits in your household;
  • Your household water usage;
  • Waste disposal;

The smaller is the septic tank and more the people, as well as the more amount of water usage for your household purposes,  are some of the vital factors that determine, when and how often your tank requires to be pumped. Well, one vital point has been missed! And that is the amount of habitual garbage deposal not only in the toilet or bathroom but also into the sinks which are typically connected to the septic system. While the fast two factors i.e., the size of your septic tank and number of members of your family remain constant, with needed control of water use, bringing home ‘Energy Star’ rated plumbing faucet, showers, cloth washers, toilet flush, appropriate laundry size as you can reduce considerably on energy bills equally can save water and have scheduled control on septic tank pumping.

When you often flash out garbage from baby nappies to sanitary napkins or cigarette butts to household chemicals, condoms in the toilet without worrying by habit, you don’t even realize how notoriously they can clog up your septic tank; destroy the biological elements that play a crucial role in wastewater treatment in the septic systems! The mass not only increases the volume of unwanted solids within the tank but lessens the treating power of microorganisms live in the scum and fecal matters. Apart from damaging the fitness level of your septic system including the tank and drain field on the yard, it even makes the pumping schedule erratic even with septic failure. No denying that septic tank failure is a common incident, which happens due to maintenance, inspection, gross negligence of people to stick to the guidelines of EPA as well as your septic tank pump out service professionals.

Septic Tank Pumping- Signs to Consider

Regardless of you’ve had a pumping in the recent past, incapable to recall the date when it was pumped or due to the slackness of your family members to stick to the rules of maintaining domestic water use, unwanted disposal, the affect can come out with alert signs that your tank needs an immediate pumping. Major three of them include:

Water pool 

Scattered water pooling over the drain field or on the yard nearby the septic system with soul-smelling is a great indication that you should call upon septic tank pump out service for checkup and pumping. This can happen only when the tank gets filled, or there has been a waste clogging in the drain field pipelines which cause seepage of liquid and makes pools even in the dry times.

Slow draining

Slow draining of water especially in the toilet as and when it’s flashed is a major sign of septic tank blockage due to any cause. Equally, you may experience the slow movement of water in the bathroom or sinks which can be a cause of general clogging of a drainage system or sign that the septic is full. Without any further delay call your plumber as well as septic tank pump out service for needed pumping.

Sewer backup

Sewer backup is the most maddening experience as well as a real sign that you should arrange for immediate pumping of a septic tank with professionals. While such backup is generally first experienced in the toilet, you can see sewer spots in the lawn, low drains, and backyard.

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