Siemens Actuators – The Best for HVAC Requirement

Are you searching for Siemens actuators for your HVAC requirement?  Look for the best online solution from Siemens and get the best solution for your need. Siemens provides different types of valves as well as valve actuators for matching various applications like standard HVAC and industrial applications. All these are designed for controlling water, steam and other media accurately. You can make use of Siemens actuators as well as valves for matching every requirement for accommodating automation need of your building. Since, Siemens is known throughout the world as a top manufacturer of construction automation components, the automation components of Siemens are apt for new installations and replacement in prevailing building automation systems. These components provide greater energy and eco-friendly supervision for various applications. The benefits include fast installation, no slip operation center damper shaft safeguarding no side loading for longer equipment and actuator life.

Now, let’s have a look at the different types of Siemens actuators and valves:

  • Two-way Ball Valves – You can get two-way ball valves made up of stainless steel featuring expanded CV range and improved sizing at an affordable rate. These can be used in medical facilities, schools, offices, universities as well as other commercial properties. Moreover, 3 way valves are used for HVAC needs. The line size of the ball valves and actuators ranges from half inch to 2 inches. These ball valves are able to control chilled, hot water and glycol solution in fan coil units, convectors, radiation, unit conditioners, reheat coils and radiation up to 50%.
  • Zone Valve Actuators – The line sizes of these valve actuators range from half to one inch. Moreover, Siemens 599 Series Zone Valves offer excellent fan coil control, unit ventilators and other applications where modulating control is required.
  • Globe Valves Actuators – The lines of these actuators range from half to one inch. The Powermite Series Globe Valves offer greater choices for applications, presenting direct technology for connection of valve and actuator without any tool.
  • Butterfly Valves – These are available in various sizes up to 20 inches and are superb for isolation applications. Two as well as three-way butterfly valves offer two-position (On/Off), floating and modulating control and you can get them in various configurations.
  • Rotary Actuators – First acting rotary actuators are also introduced by Siemens to bring the open air platform to critical environmental control. These are able to use several control signals, taking just 2 seconds for rotating 90 degrees. This open air product is aptly suited for exhaust and supply terminals as well as fume hoods. Open Air Electronic Damper Actuators from Siemens are also designed for reliable operation, quick installation, as well as low power consumption. Features, like self-centering shaft adapter and standard wiring across product line help the technicians to install actuators quickly and precisely.
  • Open Air Electronic Damper Actuators – These are often intended for usage on UL registered smoke control dampers with a blend fire/smoke rated dampers. The open air fast acting electronic rotary actuators for critical environments include several features like exclusive self-centering shaft coupling, brushless motor with stall protection, fast operation, all control signals model performance, feedback standards, selectable fail safe position, UL & cUL listed, CE certifications, dual independently adjustable auxiliary switches and more. The functions comprise of concentric control for shaft sizes up to ¾ inches, 2 seconds runtime, built in proof of position and operation of AC and DC power.
  • Pneumatic Control – This is another damper actuator from Siemens comprising of Mixing Box Dampers, Unit Ventilators, Outside, Exhaust & Return Dampers and Vortex Fans. It is available in 2-3/8, 4 and 7-inch stroke. This consists of several spring ranging from rugged, metal-fabricated device and has gradual or positive actuation.

Various other actuators are also available from Siemens ranging from flared, angled, sequence to changeover delivering unique applications available for replacement needs. The magnetic Valve combination of Siemens uses magnetic actuator for enhancing response time and offering constancy. Furthermore, pressure independent control valves provide your HVAC equipment the freedom to perform optimally. In some, you will get integrated control valve, adaptable flow limiter as well as automatic pressure controller into single reliable device. Low Torque Applications require Linear Stroke of 2-3/8”. These have consistent and accurate control of speed, torque, braking as well as stall protection functions. Often, they are pre-cabled, manual override and have consistent wiring detail across the product family. Choose one of the best Siemens actuators and get the right solution for your HVAC needs.

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