How to Successfully Work with Recruiters

Working with a recruiter is a cost-and time-saving option for many companies. However, not all recruitment agencies are built same. Before you start working with any recruiter, you need to understand their way of functioning. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your relationship with the recruiter.

Consider Recruiters Who Specialize in Your Industry

Unless you are hiring for a myriad of positions, there is no reason to work with generalist recruiters. If you are looking for staff with specific skills, a specialist recruiter can be your best bet. The reason the specialist recruiters would have industry knowledge, the job functions and specific skill sets required to be successful.

Analyze Recruitment Strategies

The pre-recruitment discussions with the recruiters help in finalizing the direction of the overall process. You need to be clear about what you need in the new hires. Asking the recruitment agency about its hiring strategies is a must before making any decision.

Many recruitment agencies use time-tested pre-screening tests and candidate verification steps to ensure the candidate possesses skills that are mentioned in their resumes. The screening tests and strategies will give you insights about the way of working with the recruitment agency. If the recruitment strategies do not meet your industry standards, you need to look for the different recruiter.

Know Their Sourcing Methods

Anyone can find candidates on the internet and schedule interviews. The recruiter should be able to show different sourcing methods or strategies to hire suitable candidates. Leading recruitment agencies maintain talent pools that have pre-screened candidates who are ready to take any relevant job that comes across. You need to ask questions about where the agency does the recruiting.

Ask the agency whether they will dig deep in their networks to reach passive candidates who have relevant and updated skills required for a specific job. recruiters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, etc. refer active candidates, which might not be as good as passive candidates. It is necessary the recruiter ( makes that extra effort to find the right talent wherever they are.

Understand the Agency’s Terms of Business and Fees

In this age, many of us avoid reading the complete contracts only to find ourselves on the wrong side of the contract later. A lot of times, some recruitment agencies do not refund the amount of the candidates that quit before a specific period.

Make sure you are upfront about such clauses and get any objectionable terms in the contract. Read the fine print carefully before signing the document.

Remain Open to Suggestions

Recruitment has changed a lot in the last decade and today it is not just enough to have an attractive career page on your company’s portal. You need to portray your company as a special case to potential candidates. The professional recruiters are experts in their field and you may find them more knowledgeable and skilled in their work.

You need to be open to recruiter’s suggestions and incorporate their ideas in the recruitment strategy. Since they are closely connected to the job market than in-house recruiters, they know the right job descriptions to attract potential candidates. Instead of butting heads to keep control over the process, the company HR staff and professional recruiters need to work as a team.

In most cases, the recruiters have the experience and wisdom to give the right advice to their clients.

Let Them Do Their Job

Once you have clearly set your expectations and the recruitment strategies, let the professional recruiters lead the way to get your desired new hire. Recruitment agencies are busy as they might be working with more than one client at a time. It is a good idea to set the preferred mode of communication and the time to get updates on the recruitment to avoid frustration.

Leading recruitment agencies work hard to keep their clients happy, so you can trust them and wait for them to get you best new recruits.

By putting these tips into practice, you can make the relationship with the recruiters more positive which can be a foundation for long-term relationships. Remember hiring is a time-consuming task, so trust your recruiter to see your company through the process.

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