Talented Famous Photographers Leave Their Mark

The world’s most famous photographers come from diverse photographic backgrounds. They have produced work in documentary photography, photojournalism, fashion photography and fine arts. The amazing work produced by these famous photographers is recognizable all over the globe.

A trailblazer in the field of documentary photography, Dorothea Lange became one of the world’s most famous photographers for her photos documenting the Great Depression. Hired by the Farm Security Administration (FSA), Lange`s photos emphasized the human consequences of the Great Depression and helped propel the field of documentary photography into the mainstream. Her most well-known photo is entitled Migrant Mother, 1936, and depicts Florence Owens Thompson, a transient and destitute mother of 7 children, sitting on the side of a dusty highway in a makeshift tent.

Steve McCurry is one of photojournalism’s most famous photographers. His work can be seen in the National Geographic as well as many other magazines throughout the world. His photo of an Afghan girl with striking eyes made the cover of the magazine in 1985. Since then, her image has become one of the most viewed faces in history.

Mario Testino is one of today’s most famous photographers in the fashion industry. His photos have appeared on the covers of, among others, Vogue and Vanity Fair, and his work has contributed to the success of many models and commercial fashion projects. He is also famous for his portraits of British politicians and royalty. Other famous photographers in this industry include Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel, and Helmut Newton.

The field of fine arts photography has produced many famous photographers in a variety of genres. Ansel Adams is probably the most well-known landscape photographer, publishing over 8 portfolios of photographic prints between the years of 1922 and 1984. He was a proponent of straight photography, emphasizing the clear, crisp reality of his subject, and a pioneer of environmentalism.

During the latter half of the twentieth century several famous photographers emerged. Baron Wolman became well-known as America’s leading rock-and-roll photographer, producing loose and candid shots of Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, and other rock legends. Robert Mapplethorpe was a controversial artist who was best known for his black and white portraits of nude men and women. His photo of Andy Warhol sold at Christie`s Auction House in 2006 for $643,200, making it the 18th most expensive photo in the world. Sally Mann, became known for her work depicting her own nude children as well as corpses, both human and animal. Annie Leibovitz is famous for her highly stylized portraits of celebrities. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair among other magazines. Anne Geddes is an Australian photographer who became famous in the 90`s. She is known for her creative portraits of babies and children.

Tim Mantoani is a photographer from California who has been working on what he calls the “Behind the Photographs Project”. The series features portraits of famous photographers holding their most iconic photographs. Mantoani hopes to remind people that there are amazing artists behind lens. Some of his subjects include Steve McCurry and Baron Wolman.

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