The Importance of Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

Importance of Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

Kitchen area, both in residences or restaurants are likely to get affected by the accumulation of grease. The only thing is that, in restaurants, this will happen more often. This is because, here, there will be a lot of cooking activities that entail grilling, frying, etc. Heavy oil accumulation in the kitchen sinks and drainage of restaurants is common because of the heavy use of oil on an everyday basis. In today’s world, almost all restaurants have grease traps. Such grease interceptors are a must for all commercial kitchens. This is vital to prevent the oil waste from flowing to the general waste drainage system of the restaurant, which will create further serious problems. Grease trap is a special method created for the effective flow of all types of wastages, which are par for the course of such business-related kitchens. The oil waste will not jump into the main plumbing system. If there is no such a system, for sure, there will be severe damage to the plumbing or sewer system of the restaurant.

It is through this grease trap, the trash water that contains various types of leftovers such as fats, oils, grease, etc., flows out. However, because of the constant high volume of activities, there will be high volumes of this garbage, and consequently, blockages occur in the drains, and this will cause a lot of bother within the restaurant. Even though this is a regular happening, during the winter season, due to the decline in the atmospheric temperature, this is even more common. Hence, proper and frequent cleaning is imperative. Periodic cleaning of this trap is very important to make it practically functional. It is advisable that you must plan this every month. A grease blockage in a restaurant causes a deep stench all over the area, and this causes a public nuisance. Once it occurs, there is an urgent need to solve the same at the earliest.

Moreover, the situation will compel the closure of work, which can stretch to nearly one or two days in all probabilities. As a result, the management will have to suffer a considerable loss. The practical way to counter such a dismal situation is to conduct the proper checking and cleaning of the grease trap periodically. The only thing the management will have to take care is to hire an experienced company that has the competent workforce and all the needed resources of performing the task.

In many areas in the country like Houston and the suburbs, the local law stipulates the quarterly cleaning of grease traps. All restaurant management will have to take care of this process, at least on a quarterly basis. It is advisable to hire the services of professional companies, which have the relevant experience, expertise, and all the needed equipments. Of course, this will yield better results, which will take away the tension of oil build-up in the grease trap. There will be different options of services like weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. You can choose the best option that is suitable for your restaurant.

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning – Hire Professional Company

You must get in touch with a professionally managed company, which is experienced in this specific task. The liquid waste solutions of the company must be practical and must entail only less time and of course, expense. The company staff must be licensed and know the intricacy of the job fully. Moreover, it must have all the required equipments, including the latest tools. The company must arrange for all the relevant documentation and compliance validation. The main benefit of employing an experienced company is that it will be able to offer you a comprehensive grease trap cleaning and maintenance. This consists of odor control, which will make sure that the traps remain free from the possible drainage stink. It is rather easy to find such specialist restaurant grease trap cleaning companies. A good search through the internet platforms will give you the web addresses of such companies.

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