Tips to Escape – A Beginners Guide to Escape Room Game

Escape room activites are fun, but don’t think it will be easy to win the game and escape the room.  The escape rate in these games is around 15-30%, while the harder escape room games have escape rate of  a single digit.

If you want to win the game, you need to have a strategy that will help you make the most of the available 60 minutes.  We are sharing you a few tips that will help you overcome different challenges in the game of escape room in Chicago, Boston, Columbus, New York, etc. and find your way out.

Choose Your Team Wisely

You will not enjoy the game if you are trapped in a room with people you don’t like.  It’s good to select people who know each other well.  Look at the versatile qualities of a person while selecting them as teammates. For example, who is crazy smart? Who is good at Math? Or who has good observation skills?

Besides knowing what your strength is, it is also necessary to know the strengths of the other members of the team.  You might be required to take their help if you are stuck on anything that you are not good at.

Observe Carefully

Good observation skills can pay rich dividends inescape rooms.  You need to start observing the moment the door of the room is closed. While observing things carefully, you should also question yourself? For example, is there any clue hidden in the lamp? Is that chair hiding something inside? Why the sign hung on the wall has a letter missing? Such observations will help you uncover lots of clues in a shorter period of time.

Chances are you will experience several misinterpretations. But don’t let these things stop from considering every possibility.  After some time, you will start understanding connections between things which will help you uncover hidden clues in the room.

Communication is the key to winning the room escape games. All the clues in the escape room are connected to each other. The clues are like missing puzzle pieces; until you arrange them in the right manner, you won’t be able to see the hidden picture or message.

Without effective and frequent communication, chances of failures are high. For example, consider the scenario where 10 members are working to find different clues hidden in the room. If you don’t talk to each other or convey what you have found, you won’t be able to put the pieces together to unravel the hidden information. Without effective communication, your quest will be a waste of effort.

Keep Track of Things

It is necessary you don’t waste time on repeating things or missing out important information that will take you close to the hidden clues. Make it a point to note down everything that you find during your quest. Remember, you will have to put all stuff and information together to find your way to escape the room.


You will have to put the clues together to solve puzzles, but you also have to remember the place from where you got the stuff.  It is sometimes difficult to recall when your mind is full of different thoughts. The safest thing to do is note down things.

Don’t Panic by Looking at the Clock

At Chicago, Escape room has a big clock on the wall that tells you about every second passed by. The clock is there to inform , but many participants’ panic when they look at the clock and the result is they miss clues and get stuck. The best way to handle such scenarios is staying calm and concentrating on finding clues and not watching the clock every now and then.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Help

Always remember you are locked with a group of people in the room who are working towards achieving the same goal. You cannot be good at everything and hence if you are stuck at something and cannot think more to find a solution. It’s better you seek help of a team member rather than wasting time. This way you can ensure there are no missing clues when you finally put stuff together to unravel the mystery.

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