Tips for Playing an Escape Room Game

An escape room is a locked room where a team of participants are inside and cannot unlock the door and come out unless they solve a few puzzles or riddles that helps them find a key which can unlock the door, all under sixty minutes or they become a new meal for the hungry zombie. However, there are a few helpful tips that one can keep in mind which will be useful and help them escape room in Dallas, Columbus, New York and other places on time.

tips-for-playing-an-escape-room-gameSo, here is the scenario, there is a group of people locked in a room with a zombie chained to a wall.  They cannot unlock the door unless they play the game which needs to be solved. With an hour on the clock, this bunch of people need to solve either some puzzles, riddles or even a mystery that leaves clues hidden in some parts of the room. So, the participants must ransack the room, making sure that they have thoroughly searched every nook and corner and collected all the clues. With all the clues in hand and sharing of information, they can open a box which is also kept inside the room. Once they find the correct way to open the fox, they have found the key to the unlocked room. Thus, they have found a way to escape from the dreaded zombie. But wait, there is a catch just like every game in the world, there is one thing to keep in mind, although the game lasts for a span of sixty minutes, for every five minutes after the commencement of the game, a buzzer goes off and at that very moment, the chain attached to the zombie’s limb becomes longer growing an extra foot. Which basically means, the desperate zombie gets closer to you attaining more chances to make someone his meal soon.

So here is a few tips and pointers that all the team members need to know and bear in mind to escape the room and ultimately, the zombie more importantly.

•  Comprehension- Make sure that you and everyone understand the puzzle or riddle, mystery or questions, whatever befalls you. Proper understanding helps you in finding the right clue faster.  If anyone does not understand the puzzle or the riddle, do not hesitate to ask a fellow teammate and get it explained.  This way, you know what you are searching for.

•  Communication- This is very crucial for a success of any team no matter what they are trying to achieve. If you are trying to explain the riddle, or share information or even if you get an idea, be loud and clear and make sure that the entire team has heard what you have said. Everyone’s ideas must be expressed as everybody will have different approaches. Make sure your voice is heard and keep an open ear to the voices around you.

•  Co-operation- There is no ‘I’ in team- this quote must be taken literally into consideration by every member of the group. Teamwork is important and all the team members must pitch in to solve the puzzle and search for clues. Move around and try to be an active participant, make sure to pitch in your thoughts and accept suggestions from others so that you can escape in time and not end up as zombie meal. Team spirit is your motto for the escape room game. No one must be left out or ignored. Full participation ensures timely escape for the team.

•  Caution/Carefulness- Mark these words in bold inside your head- ‘STAY AWAY FROM THE ZOMBIE’. You have an hour to escape from a locked room. The locked door can only be opened by a hidden key inside the box. To open the box, riddles must be solved and the clues lie hidden all over the room, the same room that has a zombie chained to a wall. But that’s not all, for every five minutes, a buzzer in hit, and the chain grows longer, increasing in length by exactly a foot at each interval, thus having more access to the players. Even if the zombie touches you, you will be made to sit by the side but can participate verbally. So, in the event of ransacking the room for important clues, do not go too close to the zombie, the zombie can target anyone or even more than one person.

These are just a few pointers to stay in the game and be focused on your surroundings. Make sure to follow the rules and keep track of the time. It is also important to take up charge and be a leader when it feels like no one is willing to step forward. These tips can help any player win the room escape game and have a memorable experience as well.

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