Top Seven Reasons to Opt for Amtrol Tanks

The first pre-pressurized well tank is invented by Amtrol Inc more than 50 years back. It is established in 1946 on the premise that novelty, excellence and facility will be rewarded with client loyalty and support. In 1954, the hydronic industry was revolutionized while introducing EXTROL – the first pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tank of the world. This was followed in 1963 with the innovation of the first pre-pressurized well tank and the refrigerant gas cylinder invention in 1967. Amtrol started inventing the indirect fired water heater in 1980 as well as the thermal expansion tank in 1991. In 2005, the business presented the first combined metal LP gas tank with a sale of more than 1 million tanks all across the world. History states Amtrol to be the world leader in design and setup of the vibrant mechanical systems used to regulate hydronic heating & stock potable water.

Now, let’s check out the top seven reasons to choose Amtrol tanks:

 Innovation – The revolutionary product presented pioneering design with hoop ring and groove for locking the diaphragm, lining and shell in an exclusive style. This innovation custom continued with next generation well-X-Trol of Amtrol, which utilized high steel for delivering 150 psig work pressure. This is 20% greater than competitive well tanks sponsored by an industry leading warranty of 7 years. Today Well-X-Trol merged its original Turbulator with an antimicrobial lining for delivering Clean Water Technology in each tank.

 Strongest Design – The tank has the strongest design with high strength steel, high work pressure, thick diaphragm, tough indoor and outdoor coating as well as multi-dome construction. You can get the best warranty for at least seven years. Besides, there was antimicrobial Liner Protection, water transmission device and combined tank stand.

 RP-HP Water Pressure Booster – Amtrol tanks also comes with an RP-HP Water pressure booster from where you will get a truly whole house pressure boosting system. The elements are pre-assembled with cut-off having low suction, thermal protection and integrated junction box. The pressuriser contains a proper pressure tank for reducing pump cycling. This helps in decreasing power consumption while enhancing motor life. Rather than small in-line models, the tank offers extra water storage for meeting the demand of peak water while enhancing competence.

 Internationally Committed to Add to Customer Values – Amtrol is an international corporation committed to enhance customer as well as shareholder’s value by providing consistent products with exceptional service. The value created is accomplished by working as a team. The business headquarters of Amtrol include Rhode Island and West Warwick. The products are produced in Rhode Island, Maryland & Kentucky and globally in Portugal. In order to meet the worldwide demand for products, Amtrol drives sales office in Canada and sales offices in Latin America & Europe.

 Pump Head with Stainless-steel – Mechanisms and competences usually found in commercial systems are 115/230v compatible boosting proficiencies from 40 to 50psi over city pressure, including temperature and pressure safety switches with quiet operation of 65dB and 2-year Limited Warranty.

 Stringent Standards – Nowadays, that essence of novelty is part of all water heater, weight booster and well tank as chemical container. The stringent standards have been raised to higher levels throughout the years for keeping pace with industry’s quick technical progression and also for achieving ISO 9001:2008 warranty. Amtrol comprises of water system solutions for storing, management, warming, development and flow regulator, together with a horde of associated HVAC products serving the housing, commercial and engineering markets. Subsidiaries consist of Amtrol Alfa, focusing on heating as well as refrigerant gas cylinders.

 Quality – Amtrol is an important high quality designer & product manufacturer for fluid management, storage and treatment applications. Best known for Well-X-Trol, Extrol, Therm-X-Trol and BoilerMate brands, Amtrol created a new Quality Policy. Its Quality Management System is crucial to reduce costs and maximize customer satisfaction. As a result of which, customers expect perfection in the quality of products and services provided by Amtrol. The drive of Amtrol’s QMS is assuring leadership in a progressively competitive market. The objective of the manufacturer is to offer products and services, exceeding customer expectations by upholding quality of product and consistency and developing the loyalty of customers. Moreover, Amtrol continuously improves on the efficacy of QMS. Understanding constant development through the active participation and partaking of clienteles and dealers Amtrol promotes quality by performing to the top standards of safety, excellence and reliability.

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